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Time BarCamp A
BarCamp B
BarCamp C
1030–1120 Making Fedora Package Maintenance Easier Deploying to the cloud via Fedora Aeolus Cloud 0.1
1300–1350 Fedora ARM project Introduction to Gluster Katello: A Sysadmin's Fortress
1400–1450 Introducing Secure Linux Containers Cloudstack Draft Trademark Guidelines
1500–1550 Fedora and the Raspberry Pi — ROOM 209 OpenStack Fedora Extended Lifecycle Support
1600–1650 Lightning Talks OpenShift Matahari
Time BarCamp D
BarCamp E
BarCamp F
1030–1120 Secondary Arches Tito / Building RPMs Boxgrinder
1300–1350 FOSS@RIT SELinux Ruby
1400–1450 Professional photography with Linux Package categorization and distribution construction Coroutines in C/C++
1500–1550 High availability clustering with Fedora Fedora Kernel Pulp
1600–1650 Users vs. Contributors Security BOF Fedora QA / Testing