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There will be a GPG Key Signing Event held at FUDCon Blacksburg 2012 on Saturday, January 14th, at 1600 (4pm).

Please sign up below and make sure your key is available on the public keyserver network or make a note here with the url if it is not.

We will be conducting the event as follows: The participants will send their key information to the coordinator who would compile it into a list (compiled from this wiki page). Each participant, upon arriving at the party, will be given a copy of the key list. Each participant will then be called on by the coordinator. The participant will then check their key fingerprint against the fingerprint on the sheet that the coordinator gave them. If the participant is sure that their key is the same as the key on the sheet then the participant will read their fingerprint aloud so that the other party participants can make sure they also have the correct matching fingerprint. If they do in fact have the correct matching fingerprint, they will check it off on their sheet. This is necessary to make sure that the coordinator has not made a mistake in the generation of the sheet or has not slipped a sheet with faked key information to one or more of the participants. After everyone has checked off the participant's key, the coordinator will then call on the next participant, and so on. After all of the keys have been verified, the participants and coordinator will be asked to form a long single file line while holding their IDs in front of them. The person at the head of the line walks down the line and checks each person's ID. If their ID is correct, they will place a second check mark on their list. Once a key has two check marks it can be signed.

We are not providing specific guidelines on what IDs are acceptable, or how many are required, however, it is generally expected that each participant will be able to provide some sort of government issued photo identification, such as driver's license, passport, etc., matching the name on their key.

To upload your key, do gpg --keyserver keys.bz --send-keys 0xYOURKEYID

Name FAS Username Key ID Fingerprint
Nicholas E. Bebout nb 0x154FDAF0 8D9D C33B 8C30 5BBF 6E91 E783 9EF9 FA30 154F DAF0
Toshio Kuratomi toshio 0xCD84EE48 1289 DAF3 C7FC 1108 C77D ADD9 5FAC 8089 CD84 EE48
Jared Smith jsmith 0x210BDF5A 1E46 74AA A394 0EAA 6596 FDF0 7D9D 159F 210B DF5A
Kevin Fenzi kevin 0x34E36341 A6EA F625 0EBB F132 A8A9 32AD DE29 827B 34E3 6341
Ian Weller ianweller 0x00A44BC8 F4AF BC49 B7A1 96C2 7760 3A79 E5B5 0112 00A4 4BC8
Eric Christensen sparks 0x024BB3D1 097C 82C3 52DF C64A 50C2 E3A3 8076 ABDE 024B B3D1
Perry Myers pmyers 0xE65E4F3D 88F9 F1C9 C2F3 1303 01FE 817C C5D2 8B91 E65E 4F3D
Dan Walsh dwalsh 0x8329A1B3 A868 816A C8BF B50C 6F44 63DF AE56 2F13 8329 A1B3
Klaatu klaatu 0x5000280F 45AE 6061 3BC8 EF6C 07BF CB39 1D97 D65F 5000 280F
Ricky Elrod codeblock 0xDAD3DF0E 9739 5A0F BDC8 1D20 A137 CDCC 0027 10B0 DAD3 DF0E
Matt Domsch mdomsch 0x92F0FC09 17A4 17D0 81F5 4B5F DB1C AEF8 21AB EEF7 92F0 FC09
Phil Benchoff n3pb 0xFA6C4994 5CD5 EFA3 E1C5 20B1 B0ED E38C 8337 8A94 FA6C 4994
Chuck Frain chuck 0xB2420431 2045 8609 1674 BE49 AD89 0661 5726 2343 B242 0431
Simon Sekidde sekidde 0x94BC377E 5848 958E 73BA 04D3 7C06 F096 1BA1 2DBF 94BC 377E
Luke Macken lmacken 0x390EBBB9 FFFF CD40 89FE 8E6F C38D A9D9 46C9 B778 390E BBB9

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