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Getting to Blacksburg

This page serves as a coordination point for people going to Blacksburg, VA for FUDCon. Coordinating ridesharing, either to the area itself, or simply planning a shared ride with someone from the airport, happens here.

Please note: The airport shuttle from Virginia Tech does not operate on Sundays. The FUDCon organizers are planning on renting vehicles to transport attendees to the airport this day.

From ROA Roanoke Airport

Directions from Airport to Hotel

Roanoke Regional Airport 5202 Aviation Drive Northwest, Roanoke, Virginia 24012

   exit Parking lot
   Take the 1st right onto Aviation Dr NW
   Take the VA-101 W/Hershberger Rd ramp to I-58
   Merge onto VA-101 W/Hershberger Rd NW
   Merge onto I-581 N/US-220 N via the ramp to Lexington/Bristol/I-81/Blacksburg
   Take exit 1S on the left to merge onto I-81 S toward Salem/Bristol
   Take exit 118B toward U.S 460 W/Blacksburg
   Continue onto US-460 W
   Exit onto VA-412 N/Prices Fork Rd/State Route 685 toward Downtown
   Left at First Stop Light

The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center 901 Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0100

Ridesharing from Other Cities


Interested in ridesharing from the Akron/Canton/Cleveland area? Add your name here, and link to your Fedora ID. If you do not have a Fedora ID please get one and add it to this page when you're done. Thank you.


Interested in ridesharing from the RDU area? Add your name here, and link to your Fedora ID if you have one; if you're a Red Hat employee, just put RHT in parentheses behind your name, so we know how to get in contact with you.


NoVA/Washington, DC area

Interested in ridesharing from the DC area? Add your name here, and link to your Fedora ID. If you do not have a Fedora ID please get one and add it to this page when you're done. Thank you.

  • Ivan Makfinsky
  • Sandro Mathys (DC->Blacksburg only, i.e. one-way)
  • Fotios Lindiakos Driving both ways from Fairfax. Driving a Jeep, so weather is not a problem. Can offer rides from Dulles if needed. Probably leaving on the early side Sunday.

Arrival Time Tables

Enter your details and use this table to help coordinate ride sharing and other ventures with fellow attendees.

Name Arrival Arrival location Departure Departure location Car?
Matt Domsch 1/12, Delta 5080, 1:33pm ROA 1/16 11:20am ROA y
Robyn Bergeron 1/11/2012, USAir 3741, 3:36pm ROA 1/16/2012 11:05am ROA I haz a car
Ben Williams Check in 1/12/2012 Christiansburg 1/16/2012 Live here Yes
Dennis Johnson 1/13, Delta 5080, 1:33pm ROA 1/15 05:21pm ROA n
Ivan Makfinsky 1/13/2012, sometime in the afternoon Blacksburg 1/15/2012, Sometime in the late evening Blacksburg y
Jeff Darcy 1/13/2012, 3:03pm (USAir 4295) ROA 1/15/2012, 5:30pm (USAir 4158) ROA n
Karsten Hopp 1/12/2012, 5.23pm (USair 3826) ROA 1/15/2012, 5:50pm (USAir 3826) ROA n
Peter Robinson 1/11/2012, 20:50 (United 3334) ROA 1/16/2012, 06:05 (United 5871) ROA n
Scott Glaser 1/13/2012, 10:14pm (Delta 5316) ROA Sonar_Gal will be getting me, So Yes I haz a car!
Peter Borsa 1/12/2012, 4:54pm (KL 5556) ROA 1/16/2012, 05:21pm (KL 5556) ROA n
Justin O'Brien 1/12/2012 03:03 PM, (USair 4295) ROA 1/15/2012 04:13 PM (USair 3741) ROA n
Adam Williamson 1/12/2012 10:04 PM, (Delta 5316) ROA 1/15/2012 05:21 PM (Delta 3895) ROA n
Kevin Fenzi 1/12/2012 05:12 PM, (United 6088) ROA 1/15/2012 05:50 PM (USair 3826) ROA n
User:Your Name Here Date, Flight #, Time of Arrival Arrival Location Departure Date Departure Location U haz a car? y/n