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Estimated Date

20-22 October 2017,

Local Team

Eduardo Echeverria

Yohan Graterol

Brief Description of City


Bogotá ,Distrito Capital, abbreviated Bogotá, D.C. (during the time of Spanish rule, and also from 1991 to 2000, called Santa Fé de Bogotá) is the capital and largest city of Colombia administered as the Capital District, although often thought of as part of Cundinamarca

The city is home to senior agencies of the executive branch (Office of the President), the legislative branch (Congress of Colombia) and the judicial branch (Supreme Court of Justice, Constitutional Court, Council of State and the Superior Council of Judicature). Bogotá stands out for its economic strength and associated financial maturity, its attractiveness to global companies and the quality of human capital; it is the largest business platform of Colombia where most high-impact ventures occur.

The capital hosts the main market of Colombia and the Andean natural region, and the leading destination for new projects of foreign direct investment coming into Latin America and Colombia. It has the highest nominal GDP in the country, contributing most to the national total (24.7%), and it is the seventh-largest city by size of GDP in Latin America (about USD 159,850 million) (Source: Wikipedia)

Possible venues

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

The Universidad Nacional de Colombia (English: National University of Colombia), is a public, national, coeducational, research university, located primarily in Bogotá, Medellín, Manizales and Palmira, Colombia. Established in 1867 by an act of the Congress of Colombia, the university is the largest higher education institution of the country with more than 44,000 students, the largest number of graduated professionals per year, and number of academic programmes at undergraduate and graduate levels, with 430 academic programmes, which includes 96 graduate diplomas, 67 Academic specializations, 39 medical specialties, 161 Master's degrees, and 58 doctorates. It is also one of the few universities that employs post-doctorate fellows in the country. Approximately 40,000 students are studying for an undergraduate degree and 4,000 for a graduate degree. The National University of Colombia is widely known as the best Colombian university, and one of the best universities in Latin America, for its high degree of education and research achievement in several rankings of universities in Latin America and around the globe.

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

The Pontifical Xavierian University (in Spanish Pontificia Universidad Javeriana) is a private higher education institution founded in 1623.[1] It is one of the oldest, most traditional, and prestigious Colombian universities, directed by the Society of Jesus, with its main facilities in Bogotá and a second campus in Cali. "La Javeriana", as it is known by its students, has traditionally educated the Colombian elite. It is one of the 33 universities entrusted to the Society of Jesus in Latin America and one of 167 around the world.

Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas

The Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas (Spanish: Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas) is a public, coeducational, research university based Bogotá, Colombia. It is the second most important public higher education institution in the city, after the National University of Colombia, with a population of 26,140 students. It was founded in 1948, by Priest Daniel de Caicedo, who would become its first rector, with the support of the Bogotá City Council, as the Municipal University of Bogotá (Spanish: Universidad Municipal de Bogotá). It changed its name to the current in 1957 when the municipality of Bogotá became a district. Its establishment was officialized by the 1970 decree No. 1030, issued by the national government. The university offers 70 programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including four master and one doctorates.

Airports Nearby

El Dorado International Airport - Colombia

Prices from selected airports

Sample price calculated to El Dorado International Airport airport.

City Air Line Price Scales Google Flights Short Link
Lima Avianca USD 384 Nonstop
Panama Copa USD 232 Nonstop
Miami Latam USD 436 Nonstop
Atlanta American Airlines USD 872 1
Houston Avianca USD 565 1
Guatemala Copa USD 514 1
San Salvador Avianca USD 531 Nonstop
San Jose Avianca USD 355 1
Quito Avianca USD 388 Nonstop
Santiago de Chile Avianca USD 488 Nonstop
Buenos Aires LATAM USD 735 1
Montevideo Latam USD 528 1
Asunción Latam USD 529 1
Caracas TAME USD 374 Nonstop
La Paz LATAM USD 492 Nonstop
Sao Paulo Latam USD 467 1


You need to check this document to see if you need a visa to travel to Colombia


We are looking the venue, so the hotel is not ready yet, however you can see prices here

Local Transport:

Local Transport Will be Provided. UBER

Hotel x Event UBER

Airport x Hotel UBER

Speakers Interested in Giving a talk in this FUDCon

fas account City/Country of Origin Short Description of the Talk

General Schedule

Currency, Money, Prices

Budget Planning

We are expecting to receive at least 300+ visitors in FUDCon

Bogota is a very tech city, with many FOSS communities around, also is a city with a lot of monthly tech meetups.

Description Cost
Venue Undetermined but could cost about $2500
FUDPub 2.000 US$
travel+hotel 8.000 US$
Material 2.500 US$

Total 15.000 US$