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Getting to the centre of Bratislava

The best option is to buy a public transport ticket and then use Bus #61. You go to the end stop which is at the railway staion ("Hlavna stanica," which means "main station"). It takes 25 mins, the bus goes every 20 mins.

(Info taken from this subpage of the BTS airport webpage.)

Getting to Brno

By train

Use the web schedule to plan for a suitable train. The ticket to Brno should be about EUR 7.50, and you should get this price when buing the ticket at the counter at the station. It should be similar for the oposite direction.

Group discounts for 6+ groups.

By bus

There are buses by StudentAgency, but they are slower and more expensive than train (2 hrs, CZK 220, i.e EUR 9.20, no discounts for <=26 nor ISIC). Reportedly, there is a long term reconstruction on the way from Brno to Slovakia, which adds extra 30 mins.