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The State of Virginia like any other State has minimum needs for all motorists regarding their auto insurance protection. Based on their law, all motorists must comply with these regulations. Failure to complete so will result in suspension of driving privileges and so that you can be reinstated you'll have to spend a $500 statutory payment, you might also have to file a monetary Duty Insurance Certificate (Sr-22) with the DMV for three several years and in some instances, a reinstatement fee will also be charged.

The minimum requirements for auto insurance in the State of Virginia are $25,000 bodily injury/death of on individual, $50,000 bodily injury/death of two or extra individuals and $20,000 for house harm. All motorists must have proof of insurance in any way times,

Virginia follows the tort method and doesn't demand a motorist to have an uninsured or underinsured auto insurance policy. The tort method dictates that within the occasion of an accident, the celebration deemed accountable is liable for your damage and damages brought on in the accident. This also means that the injured party can sue the celebration at fault for any further damage and distress.

Virginia’s Auto insurance minimums are superior however, further protection such as collision, extensive and so forth. are also suggested. This is a widespread recommendation for motorists who reside in States that stick to the Tort method.

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General Auto Insurance

In the yr 2010 alone, 61,418 folks had been hurt, and 704 were killed in auto accidents.

Something can occur around the open street. No matter how careful you may be, there are various unexpected circumstances which will lead to a small or major incident. Be nicely informed about your State’s auto insurance specifications to alleviate a number of the worry you may have while you generate every day.