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This is the status scratchpad for FUDConF11. Make changes as necessary.

What's going on where (Fri/Sun)

Saturday's schedule will be/is here.

Room Capacity[1] Hackfest/happening/etc
E51-145 67 OLPC hacking: bringing OLPC-4 packages upstream
E51-149 67 Eclipse, OpenJDK
E51-151 54 1pm - Fedora Security / SELinux Policy / Rainbow (combined!)
E51-335 76 cobbler Koji
E51-345 (main room) 128
E51-361 40 Jeremy
E51-376 54 Dracut. CBennett, GWatkins and NClark there NOW
E51-385 18 GNOME Shell
E51-390 20 QA (AutoQA, AutoBZ Auto Installs, AutoWhateverElse...)
E51-393 14 Spins Process / Workflow @ 11:00 AM
E51-395 70 AmbassadorKit @ 11am-12pm

CMS / Docs / Wiki Ian helps with wiki stuff
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  1. According to MIT