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The overall budget from Red Hat for FUDCon:Toronto 2009 is currently $19,000.

  • Fedora Engineering (Paul Frields & Tom Callaway): $4,000 in Q4
  • Community Architecture (Max Spevack): $5,000 in Q3
  • Community Architecture (Max Spevack): $10,000 in Q4


Current budget


Notes is the version of the budget spreadsheet from the revision immediately before the first wiki-uploaded one.

Name of Traveler/Vendor Item Description Q3 CA Q4 CA Q3 FE Q4 FE Comments Done?
Bill Nottingham Airfare 300 Y, was already booked from Tim's budget
Seth Vidal Airfare 466 Paid for out of FE Q3 -- does not impact bottom line
Adam Miller Airfare $262.70 Covered by FAmNA sponsorship, flying to Boston and busing. Y
Ian Weller Airfare $298.90 Paid out of FE Q3
Matthew Daniels Airfare 550 dgilmore donated frequent flyer miles - thanks!
Simon Birtwistle Airfare $826.12 Paid out of FE Q3
Adam Miller Lodging 200 Covered by FAmNA sponsorship!
Other costs