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FUDCon is the '''''Fedora Users and Developer's Conference''''', an opportunity for all who contribute to or use [[Overview|Fedora]] to meet, learn, plan, and hack. This event is free and is open to everyone. To learn about what a FUDCon is like, you can [ view a video from the North American FUDCon 2009].
== Event Details ==
Venue: TBD
Date:  TBD
Time: TBD
=== Pre-registration ===
'''Please add your name to the list if you will attend.''' Registration is free and open to everyone.
Also, please indicate the following:
* Put an '''X''' in the ''$$$'' column if you need funding to attend, and follow the instructions at [[#Requesting funding (Closed)]].  We'll use these answers to help figure out budgeting for the event. '''We are no longer accepting funding requests'''
* Put a '''V''' in the ''Veg'' column if you would like vegetarian fare for any meals that we provide during the event.  If you prefer vegan fare, please mark that column '''VV'''.  We will do our best to make sure everyone is accommodated!
* Put your T-shirt size in the ''Size'' column, so we can have an idea about what sizes to have available.
* If you are looking to share a room, mark an '''X''' in the "Roomshare?" column.
'''Use the Comments section for anything else you think organizers need to know, or to offer or ask for space or rides.'''

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