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Page layout

Plan is for a 12-page booklet. This is what we had in Tempe.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  • 1: (Front cover)
  • 2: Welcome to Lawrence (rbergero/ianweller)
  • 3: Table of contents, sponsors, emergency contact info, errata link
  • 4–5: Area map
  • 6–7: Good things to know (FUDPub, hack suite, microblogging, games, what's a BarCamp, sponsors)
  • 8–9: General schedule
  • 10–11: Local vendors
  • 12: (Back cover)

For reference material: Tempe 2011 booklet, Blacksburg 2012 booklet

Emergency contact info


Include a link to:

Area map items


Conference locations:



Good things to know

Hospitality/hack suite:


Blogging / microblogging / IRC:

BarCamp: (this needs a *complete rewrite* from previous booklets, it has tl;dr syndrome)

Local vendors


  • Shoot for places near the primary hotel and along Massachusetts Street.
  • When possible, get address, hours open, phone number, and website address. Specify source of hours open — most will need to be verified with the store.
  • A few locations, if very good, should be included even if they aren't near the primary hotel.



Dining out

Fast food