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Event Owners/Contacts

What is OpenShift?

OpenShift is an Open Source PaaS from Red Hat Inc.

OpenShift consists of the "sub projects" that are:

  1. Origin
  2. Online
  3. Enterprise (this will not be covered at FUDCon, but may receive mention)


OpenShift Origin is the upstream Open Source Project upon which the other two sub project are based. More information can be found [here.]


OpenShift Online is the hosted environment, it is free for all to use in what is known as the "Free Tier" and what is currently offered free will always be free but the ability to purchase more resources will be available at a later date.

Things to bring to the events:

  1. Yourself
  2. A computer (hopefully running Fedora, but that's not a hard requirement ;) )
  3. An interest in emerging PaaS Cloud technology.

The Events

We will be hosting two separate HackFests targeted at two separate, but hopefully not disjoint, audiences.

Build Your Own Open Source PaaS Session

In this HackFest we will cover how to build your own Platform as a Service using OpenShift Origin and Fedora. There will be a few options for different levels of entry and technical experience and we welcome all interested parties to join.

  1. The LiveCD. - We will have a Live ISO image with us that can be burnt to CDs, converted into LiveUSB images, or simply transferred over the LAN for people to launch in their own VMs if preferred. This Live image will come with OpenShift Origin pre-installed and pre-configured allowing for the fastest "0 to 100" time and allows people to get their hands on using the technology with the shortest ramp up time.
  1. The Ground Up - We will cover how to install and configure OpenShift Origin We will run a local yum repository for convenience and allow people to install OpenShift Origin either on their bare-metal installations of Fedora on their own hardware, within a Virtual Machine.

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