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|[[User:notting|Bill Nottingham]] || I FOLDED MAH BOAT
|[[User:notting|Bill Nottingham]] || I FOLDED MAH BOAT
| Your name here! || Your comment here!
|-[[User:mikeo|Mike O'Donnell]] || Fishin' chips

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The annual FUDCon North America Poker Game... Kansas style**! Sign up to indicate interest, so that Robyn and Herlo know how many chips to bring.

We will likely engage in poker on Friday night (game night), though Saturday night is an option as well. This is a no-cost game.

Poker Signup

Name Comments
Robyn Bergeron I will take all your chips
Ian Weller I am probably going to lose
Dan Mashal I will trade you my chips for your beer
Adam Williamson As a Canadian, I will make like Negraneau: talk big, then lose
Clint Savage Robyn, you and I can both bring chips, that way more people can lose to us. :)
inode0 I will be out of chips before we begin though
Luke Macken All-in!
Jonathan Steffan in for a few rounds
Ryan Rix Is this like cards against humanity?
Jeroen van Meeuwen Hit me.
Bill Nottingham I FOLDED MAH BOAT

    • Kansas style is different from Gangnam style. Just sayin'.