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Managua is the Capital city of Nicaragua. One distinct feature is that has a lot of concrete cobbled streets. You can not walk the city, you may walk within some neighbourhood, but usually distances are beyond walking distance and there is lack of side walks. The address is based on landmark references.


Managua International airport Agusto Cesar Sandino has MGA code. It is serve by Avianca-TACA, Copa, American Airlines, Delta, United, Spirit and Nature Air. You may expect to get connection in Miami, San Salvador or Panama city. Airport is about 12 kilometers from city center.

Local Transportation

The public transportation is overcrowded. There is plenty of taxi cabs but you have to bargain the fare before hand. There is not meters on the taxi cabs.


Proposed dates

October 30th, October 31st and November 1st, 2014.


Day Time Activities
October 30th Morning
Opening and barcamp vootation
pre scheduled talks
October 31st Morning
Workshops and hacking
November 1st Morning
Workshops and hacking
Barcamp and closing


There is a popular Nicaraguan food for festivities called "Caballo Bayo". Food is serve in a buffet, clay pottery that holds ignited charcoals and on top there is a big clay plate holding the food hot. Usually there is shredded beef, shredded chicken, minced pork, plantains, cheese, cream, among other stuff. You take corn tortillas in a plate and serve whatever you like. By default we can have this at the hotel. We are exploring other locations to offer different locations.


UCA edif K.png

At this point, there is no definitive venue. The proposed Venue is Universidad Centroamericana, it is a catholic university administered by the Jesuit order. It is one of the best universities on the country and it has a FOSS community GUL-UCA. Among the private universities UCA is the biggest, having several conference rooms. It has several labs, one of them has already installed Fedora. Starting 2012, UCA is a smoking free area.Their staff will provide some talks as part of the commitment to the event. They are reviewing the schedule of internal activities. It has been said that the will sponsor the event providing the venue and some internet bandwidth free of charge.

There are several conference halls. Aula Magna 400p, Xabier Gorsotiaga 220p, Roberto Teran 120p, Ponsol-Astorqui 100p, Amando Lopez 60p. There several post graduated class room 40p with air conditioning. Also there are several computer labs from 20p to 40p all of them with air conditioning.

The university have book shop, school supply store, snack bars and banks with ATM. Around the university there is several low cost small buffet. Within walking distance there is a Shopping centre with food court, cinemas pharmacy, computer store, electronic store, office supply stores, banks and offices of mobile phone companies. There are some restaurant more up scale near by.

We have talks with Universidad Autónoma de Nicaragua and Universidad Americana to host the event. Both have offered their facilities free of charges. We are please to have options to choose from.




At this point there is not definitive selection. Our proposed Hotel is Mansión Teodolinda. Has a good Internet infrastructure and is offering a meeting room for hacking after hours. The hotel has airport shuttle service.

There are some small bars nearby. There is a shopping center near by with food court, cinemas and small stands of mobile phone companies. There is a gas station with convenience store and ATM.


The hotel have offered to deliver to the venue lunch boxes, this may be convenient. There are some restaurants in walking distance of the university that can be explored.

Pre-registration system

There is not estimated cost for this item, but it will be sponsored by Kakao media in their web site Folcano which displays activities and sells tickets for events.


Visa information

People from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador only require valid government issued ID to enter Nicaragua.

The rest of countries required valid passport. Most country does no require visa. However there is a short list of countries that require to obtain visa before travelling to Nicaragua. Having in mind countries that have fedora collaborators, people from Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru require visa. This is a consular matter. For some other countries not relevant to our case, the visa have to be consulted and take longer to processed. You can consult the complete list at the foreign ministry web site

There is a fee at the migration check point (airport o border) of USD 5.00 applied to foreigners.


As Nicaragua is at the centre of Central America, it is possible for people to travel by bus. Both way bus tickets to Managua

City Ticabus Transnica Cruceros del Golfo
USD 110 n/a USD 122
San Salvador USD 70 n/a USD 59
Tegucigalpa USD 46 USD 50 USD 82
San Pedro Sula USD 74 n/a USD 92
San Jose USD 58 USD 54 USD 79
USD 150 n/a n/a

The table below only shows direct flights. You will have to make connection in one of those cities to get to Nicaragua. (prices non-stop searched in orbitz for may 2013 as July is not available yet).

City Air Line Price
Miami American
USD 389
USD 409
Atlanta Delta USD 627
Houston United USD 710
Guatemala Taca (1 stop)
USD 445
USD 445
San Salvador Taca USD 336
San Jose Copa
USD 424
USD 392
Panama Copa
USD 552
USD 524

You can expect a flight from Panama to stop in San José, Costa Rica, for 30 minutes without need to change plane.

The table below is for long distance flights that requires connections. Searches made in Orbitz for mid July

City Air Line Price
São Paulo - Brazil Copa USD 1204
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Tam / Copa USD 1256
Caracas - Venezuela TACA USD 1218
Bogota - Colombia TACA USD 899
Quito - Ecuador TACA USD 1060
Lima - Peru TACA/COPA USD 1186
Santiago - Chile Avianca/copa 1279
Asunción - Paraguay COPA/TACA USD 1128
Montevideo - Uruguay TACA/COPA USD 1522
Buenos Aires - Argentina Aerolineas Argentinas / Copa USD 1417
Córdoba - Argentina Aerolineas Argentinas / Copa USD 1464

Cost calculated in base of 20 guests in 10 double rooms. Taxes included. Meeting room will be a hacking/meeting space for the night. If breakfast is not included, the price will be added. Air shuttle has to be calculated double, as incoming and outgoing travels.

Hotel Double rooms 10 Meeting room Airport shuttle Transportation to venue Total
Hotel Mansión Teodolinda $52.65 x 10 rooms x 4 days
Breakfast included
Included (Free) $5 x 20pp x 2 (in-out) Included (Free) $2,706
Hotel El Almendro $63.65 x 10 rooms x 4 days
Breakfast included
Included (Free) $ Included $2,530
Hilton Princess Managua $110 x 10 rooms x 4 days plus taxes
Breakfast included
Not included (unknown rates yet) Not included $5,148
Intercontinental Metrocentro 190 x 10 rooms x 4 days
Breakfast included
Included (free) $12 x 20pp x 2 (in-out) $8,080


The idea is that there will be 20 people from abroad plus 20 local people helping with the event. This is an estimated. Most likely there will less people.

Catering service or restaurant Price notes
Hotel Mansión Teodolinda $8 x 40 x 3 = $ 960 delivery to the venue included
Hotel Crowne Plaza 2 x 10 x $120 = $ 2400
Name $


Bocklet for information about the event and writing space for the schedule. Note blocks as gifts. Banners to display our sponsors.

printing shop Booklets note blocks banners
Bolonia Printing $306 (300 units) $293 (300 units) $53 (each)
Deseño Centro $113 (300 units) $576 (300 units) $20 (each)



It has been a custom to give t-shirts to the 150 first people to pre-register on the event. There is also the idea of making bags as gifts, like small running backpacks.

printing shop tshirts bags
Bordados Anan $776.25 (150 units) n/a
Publi bolsos n/a $470.58 (200 units)
Diseño Centro $480 (150 units) $696 (200 units)

Güegüe Comunicaciones will be sponsoring t-shirts

Posible Venues

Venue Surroundings


Managua map big.png