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This page is used by the local team in order to track ongoing tasks.

Please read the main page at Our bid is at FUDCon:Bid_for_Paris_2012.


According to our primary schedule, the next important dates are:

  • ASAP to sign the accommodation contract (action eseyman, shaiton)--Shaiton 14:21, 12 June 2012 (UTC) see the announce.
  • ASAP to write a public page for marketing (fr/en) see here
  • SOON to confirm the FUDPub location/meal (action shaiton) Done for 150 people, should ask for more?--Shaiton 18:01, 26 April 2012 (UTC)
  • by August, booklet and tshirt design. The booklet should give precise info like how to leave the airport, join the hotel from the train stations/airports.. See also here.
  • End of August, call for talk/hacking sessions. Filling the OWF schedule.
  • Badges quotes (all taxes inc) (Zoltan proposed stickers for the badges)
    • 181.79€ for 150 badges B&W with hole (0.58€ P.U.HT) at faster badges, contact shaiton
    • 314.55€ for 150 badges colors (with logo) (1.22€ P.U.HT) at faster badges, contact shaiton
  • Order lanyards
  • LUNCH!!!!!!!


Eseyman and Shaiton have the contract, for 30 twins for 3 nights. They need to sign it and give it back.


Shaiton is dealing with the contract.



  • NEED to be done, ASAP. Call made to:
    • [AGREED] Parinux, eseyman
    • Wikimedia Fondation, shaiton
    • Mozilla Fondation, shaiton
    • RATP, shaiton
    • Open Document Foundation, shaiton
    • Open Wide − os4i, shaiton
    • Smile, shaiton
    • ARM, shaiton
    • Keynux, shaiton
    • Linaro (ARM) + ARM gurus?, shaiton
  • Search for airline discount, see with travel agencies


  • Create a Linkedin event (achrg) --achrg see the event page.
  • Create a static page Done at
  • Create a event on Google plus, need to find who manage the account
  • Create a page. Done, thanks to Robert.
  • Create booklet
  •  Create tshirt
  • create beer coaster
  • Create the official logo/banner (request at design/fr team). See #233
  • Create a wiki page where to put a list of the people to contact (promotion of the event) (achrg) --achrg see the wiki page

Schedule Universities talks

add bellow who has already been contacted and who is the Fedora contact.

OWF organization

Eseyman/Shaiton to handle the OWF part

Planning for CSI

Shaiton : take care of arm and fablab related stuff ( like printing case for raspberry pi ). Model Baju Batik Kantor Model Baju Batik 2013 Model Baju Batik Model Baju Batik Pria MOdel Baju Batik Wanita MOdel Baju Batik Modern Baju Batik Kerja Dokar Balap Berita Hari Ini Berita Terupdate Kumpulan Bertia Baju Batik Sarimbit Baju Batik Terbaru Baju Batik Kerja Baju Batik Couple Baju Batik Pasangan Baju Batik Wanita Baju Batik Pria Baju Batik Modern Baju Batik Berita Terkini Berita Terbaru


See our specifc wiki page.