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This page is used by the local team in order to track ongoing tasks.

Please read the main page at Our bid is at FUDCon:Bid_for_Paris_2012.


According to our primary schedule, the next important dates are:

  • ASAP to sign the accommodation contract (action eseyman, shaiton)--Shaiton 14:21, 12 June 2012 (UTC) see the announce.
  • ASAP to write a public page for marketing (fr/en) see here
  • SOON to confirm the FUDPub location/meal (action shaiton) Done for 150 people, should ask for more?--Shaiton 18:01, 26 April 2012 (UTC)
  • by August, booklet and tshirt design


Eseyman and Shaiton have the contract, for 30 twins for 3 nights. They need to sign it and give it back.


Shaiton is dealing with the contract.



  • NEED to be done, ASAP. Call made to:
    • [AGREED] Parinux, eseyman
    • Wikimedia Fondation, shaiton
    • Mozilla Fondation, shaiton
    • RATP, shaiton
    • Open Document Foundation, shaiton
  • Search for airline discount, see with travel agencies


  • Create a Linkedin event (achrg) --achrg see the event page.
  • Create a static page Done at
  • Create a page (action shaiton, blocked by #102)
  • Create booklet (too early)
  •  Create tshirt
  • Create the official logo/banner (request at design/fr team). See #233
  • Create a wiki page where to put a list of the people to contact (promotion of the event) (achrg) --achrg see the wiki page

Schedule Universities talks

add bellow who has already been contacted and who is the Fedora contact.

OWF organization

Eseyman/Shaiton to handle the OWF part