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In light of the recent discussion that took place on the mailing list regarding lack of agenda for a FUDCon India, I went ahead and interviewed people from the different teams of the Fedora Community. I present my findings here.

Please note that this is not an official agenda. It is only an idea dump :).

The views that I present below are views of various individuals from the various teams. They do not necessarily mean that the below mentioned is what will be done.

I'm waiting on feedback from more people right now. This is what I have at the moment.

Website Team

They have a *lot* of things that they'd want to sit down together and do -> Websites#Projects They would prefer to sit in one place and finish off most of it in a day.

Marketing Team

The marketing team would use the opportunity to work on a Fedora Brand Book (here's an example of the Red Hat Brand Book) apart from other stuff. This would benefit from presence of the design team too.

Design Team

The design team is needed for many sub projects. Apart from that, that they would like to get together with devs and other teams to work on a collaborative tool.

Security Spin

I din't manage getting hold of kital here, but the security spin would really like to sit with a lot of us packagers and hold a packaging sprint.

On behalf of kital (hiemanshu) : We need to work on the packaging ( we have a wishlist [1]), we need to work on getting the menu package done right (icons, adding new programs on the list), we also need to work on a custom lxde settings package to tweek the settings.

Dorrie - Web App to build Fedora Remixes

Discuss the development, scope, packaging, possibilities and hosting.


Packaging as of now. When I manage to speak to Chitlesh, I'd update this part up.

Medical Sig

Again, packaging looks like the main focus. To be updated

Docs Team

I'm quoting because reported speech wouldn't sound as good. :)

"One of the things I think would be great is a conversation with users, Desktop SIG folks, and Ambassadors about the ways we deliver docs in the distro and how we might do better. Also, how we might do more upstream collaboration on e.g. yelp"

"an in-person 'docs sprint' on GNOME upstream content to make sure there is either distro neutrality in GNOME if appropriate, or sufficient coverage of Fedora material there that makes online help equally effective wherever it's deployed."

Fedora Unity

Documentation projects, official and otherwise, FUDCon/hackfests/barcamps have allowed them to get more people interested in things like revisor, broadening the reach and usability. They would want to work on revisor or getting updated howtos on our sites. (jmeeuwen damaestro Evilbob and a few others) wrote the first release of Revisor in one weekend

Fedora Tour

This one needs a lot of teams. Having them all in one place would really be beneficial. :)

We'd use the FUDCon to :

  • get help from more devs (experienced folks)
  • get the different teams to finish up quick tit bits
  • collect feedback from devs and users
  • a lot more!

Test / QA

"We should brainstorm and work on some good autoqa to prevent big bad showstoppers like the recent udev update in -testing".

"... having RH Desktop devels talk better with other spins (e.g. KDE) to have features implemented together. Not others trying to catch up on some bad documented stuff just implemented for one Des"



OLPC and Sugarlabs

  • Introduction to sugar, with some history.
  • Its impact on education.
  • Some specific points about how to contribute for olpc.

There are many many applications/projects in Sugarlabs/OLPC which can be done at pace if we get people together Ex Krama and the list goes on. "Walter Bender" one of the sugar leads will be in india in second and third week of september. It will really be cool/inspiring to have him at FUDcon.


  • Creation of service packs of commonly used softwares