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* [ Meeting10]: 07-04-2014
* [ Meeting10]: 07-04-2014
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=== Travel Sponshorshp Minutes ===
=== Travel Sponshorshp Minutes ===

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FUDCon APAC 2015 is organized in association with the Maharashtra Institute of Technology College of Engineering (MIT COE), one of the premier engineering colleges in Pune, at their Campus.

About Pune


"Bajirao Peshwa" by Amit20081980 - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Pune is a vibrant cultural city in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is located about 150 km east-south of Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Pune has a great distinction of being at the forefront in preserving and giving due prominance to the indigenous Maharashtrian culture, theatre, music, education and arts. Pune is known as the Oxford of the East for its rich educational heritage and variety of educational opportunities offered today.

Event Details

Time & Place

Time : 26–28 May, 2015

About MIT College of Engineering (MITCOE)

Auditorium at MITCOE. Source:

MITCOE is among the top engineering colleges in India and in Pune. They have state of the art facilities, with a large well-equipped auditorium for the main track along with classrooms for parallel tracks. Most importantly though, the college faculty and students have active open source evangelists. MITCOE hosted a Free and Open Source Software event earlier this year called FOSSsumMIT, which was a great success.

Detailed venue address:Maharashtra Institute of Technology College of Engineering (MIT COE).


  • To be done

Call For Papers

Call for papers is Closed.

List of Speakers

Name Confirmed Arrival date, time & place(Mumbai/Pune) Departure date, time & place(Mumbai/Pune) Cab Pickup from T-Shirt Size (Asian size) Talk slot preference
Aditya Patawari Yes 25 June - late night 29 June - early morning from anywhere in Mumbai (if possible) L
ajit mote
Atin Mukherjee Yes (Kaushal will replace if necessary) Not Decided(will probably attend it for couple of days) Not Required L 27th
Bhushan Barve
Buland Singh Yes XL Any day
Dennis Gilmore
Gopal Tiwari
harish pillay
Hemant Wadhwani
Huzaifa Sidhpurwala
Izhar Firdaus
Jackson Isaac Yes
Jan Rusnacko
Jared Smith
Jens Petersen
Jiri Eischmann Yes
Kiran Divekar Yes M 27th or 28th
Kiran Jonnalagadda
lakshminarayanan Durairajan Any day, but in the middle. Speaker would like to deliver the talk and return on the same day.
Lalatendu Mohanty
Martin Kosek Yes June 21st June 28th - XXL 26th or 27th
Mayur Patil Yes -- -- -- XL Any day except Friday 26th, if possible
Mohan Prakash
Nidhi Chaudhary
Nigel Babu Yes
Nilamdyuti Goswami
Parag Nemade
P J P Yes
Praveen Patil
Pravin Satpute Yes
Rajesh Ranjan
Rajesh Sola
Ratnadeep Debnath
Rejy Cyriac
Rutwij Kulkarni
Sachin Ghai
sankarshan m Yes
Sarup Banskota
Satyabrata Maitra
Sayan Chowdhury
Sneha Rajguru
Suchakra Sharma
Susant Sahani Yes
Swapnil Nagarkar Yes
Tao Zhao Yes 27th second half or 28th
tenzin chokden Yes
Vaidik Kapoor Yes 26th or first half of 27th
Vidya Iyengar
Yogesh Babar

List of Sponsored attendees

Name Confirmed Arrival date and time Departure date and time Cab Pickup from T-Shirt Size (Asian size)
Add name here Yes/No 26-Jun-2015 07:00 28-Jun-2015 19:00 Mumbai Terminal 2 XL

Speaker Badges

Getting to Pune

From anywhere else in India

Travelling from elsewhere in India to Pune would cost up to $100 by air, train or road

From outside India

The closest international Airport to Pune is Mumbai, which is about 150 km away which can be covered as a road trip on the expressway by cab/bus or by train at regular intervals round the clock. Direct flights to and from Pune are operated by various airlines to the following destinations:

  • Frankfurt
  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Sharjah

Organizers will arrange for transportation between Mumbai airport and Pune.

Indian Visa application

You can get a Tourist, Business or Conference Visa to attend the FUDCon. An Indian visa is valid from the day it is issued, not from the day you arrive in the country.

The Electronic Travel Authorisation(ETA) facility became operational recently for citizens of over 43 eligible countries[5], including those who are eligible for visa on arrival.

Visa fee depends on the country of origin and nationality of the person applying for the visa. It ranges between 20 - 100 USD.

For further information on this, please check with local embassy office or Indian Visa Application center office or websites for information on applicable fee and payment methods.


Getting around

Auto-rickshaws and call-taxi services are abundant and available. The public bus service is not very good, but we will arrange for transportation for conference speakers and organizers.

Taxi services in Pune:



Hotel Location Approx. Distance from venue Approx. Price Internet
Magnus Service Apartments Kharadi 15km $30 Yes
Hotel Lotus Koregaon Park 10km $36 Yes
Cocoon Hotel Magarpatta City 15km $61 Yes


Misal Pav. Source: Wikipedia

Pune boasts of a wide range of cuisines ranging from international food (like Italian, Chinese, South-east Asian) to various local dishes. Don't miss the famous misal-pav, vada-pav, puranpoli and a variety of other dishes while you are here! Pune caters to food suitable for all palates.

There are various restaurants and eateries near the conference venue as well as accomodation, which are hygenic, tasty and economical.


  • Summers begin March to July. Though not as hot as Northern parts of India, the daytimes are very sunny with dry heat.
  • Early mornings are pleasant and evenings after six, cool and breezy.
  • Temperature: 23*c(min) to 35*c(max) [Approximate values]
  • Rainfall: Expected (Monsoon starts end of June/Start of July)


Volunteers are conducting meetings on every tuesday at Red Hat Pune Office:

FUDCon Planning Meeting

Travel Sponshorshp Minutes


  • Q: What does sponsorship mean?
  • A: It means, Fedora Project will subsidize or reimburse your cost for travel and/or accommodation.
  • Q: Am I eligible?
  • A: Typically, if you are a Fedora contributor who is planning to present a talk or organize a hackfest or a workshop, you will be considered eligible. However if you are unsure or you feel that you have a good justification, go ahead and apply anyway. There is a much better of chance of getting sponsored if you request!
  • Q: Will everyone who applies get sponsorship?
  • A: Probably not. We will do our best to sponsor contributors who are within APAC to attend the event. We can potentially subsidize the costs of some non-APAC participants but our budget is tight. We would love to bring a global community to the FUDCon and welcome everyone to participate but we have to do it within the budget we have been granted
  • Q: How will I know I am getting sponsored?
  • A: We will update your ticket when we make a decision.
  • Q: How will you decide who gets sponsored?
  • A: All the organizers and other Fedora community members who will participate in the meetings get a vote. All discussions will happen transparently on #fudcon-planning and meeting minutes will be posted to the fedora-india mailing list. FUDCon meetings are open for everyone for participate. You are welcome to join us. There are no side way entrances. This is the same process for everyone in fedora. Please see sponsoring event attendees wiki page for more information.
  • Q: When is the deadline?
  • April 30th, 2015. We will keep it open for a while more if we can but don’t wait to apply. You have a much higher chance of being sponsored if you apply early while funds are available.