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(Embajadores confirmados)
(Primera Reunion con Embajadores de Chile)
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=== Embajadores confirmados ===
=== Embajadores confirmados ===
- [User:Rodrigop] Rodrigo Padula
- [[User:Rodrigop|Rodrigo Padula]]
- [User:Antoniosalles] Antonio Sebastian
- [[User:Antoniosalles|Antonio Sebastian]]

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This page is where we work through the FUDCon organization process for FUDCon:Santiago 2010. If you would like to help, please join the planning team.

FUDCon bid process

We are currently working through the FUDCon bid process. See /Bid process for our work in this section.

Primera Reunion con Embajadores de Chile

01/02/2010 -: 22:00 Horario de Santiago - Chile

IRC Canal: #fudcon-planning @ freenode

Embajadores confirmados

- Rodrigo Padula - Antonio Sebastian