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Here you'll find web banners to promote FUDCon Tempe 2011 in just about every standard size.
Here you'll find web banners to promote [[FUDCon:Tempe 2011]] in just about every standard size.
== Horizontal Banners ==
== Horizontal Banners ==

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FedoraEvents Header EventN1.png

FUDCon Tempe 2011 logo.png

Here you'll find web banners to promote FUDCon:Tempe 2011 in just about every standard size.

Horizontal Banners

Leaderboard (728x90)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 8.089 728x90 leaderboard.png

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 8.089 728x90 leaderboard rotated.png

Full Banner (468x60)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 7.8 468x60 full-banner.png

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 7.8 468x60 full-banner rotated.png

Half-Banner (234x60)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 3.9 234x60 half-banner.png

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 3.9 234x60 half-banner rotated.png

Rectangle (300x100)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 3.0 300x100 rectangle.png

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 3.0 300x100 rectangle rotated.png

Large Rectangle (336x280)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 1.2 336x280 large-rectangle.png

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 1.2 336x280 large-rectangle rotated.png

Medium Rectangle (300x250)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 1.2 300x250 medium-rectangle.png

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 1.2 300x250 medium-rectangle rotated.png

Rectangle (180x150)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 1.2 180x150 rectangle.png

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 1.2 180x150 rectangle rotated.png

Button 1 (120x90)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 1.333 120x90 button-1.png

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 1.333 120x90 button-1 rotated.png

Button 2 (120x60)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 2.0 120x60 button-2.png

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 2.0 120x60 button-2 rotated.png

Micro Banner (88x31)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 2.839 88x31 micro-banner.png

Fudcon-tempe-2011 wide 2.839 88x31 micro-banner rotated.png

Square Banners

Square Pop-Up (250x250)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 sqr 1.0 125x125 square-button.png

Square Button (125x125)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 sqr 1.0 250x250 square-pop-up.png

Vertical Banners

Half-Page (300x600)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 tall 2.0 300x600 half-page.png

Vertical Banner (120x240)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 tall 2.0 120x240 vertical-banner.png

Vertical Rectangle (240x400)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 tall 1.667 240x400 vertical-rectangle.png

Wide Skyscraper (160x600)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 tall 3.75 160x600 wide-skyscraper.png

Skyscraper (120x600)

Fudcon-tempe-2011 tall 5.0 120x600 skyscraper.png

Collection and sources

Grab all the banners here: File:Fudcon-tempe-2011-web-banners.tar.gz

SVG sources: File:Fudcon-tempe-2011-web-banners-svg-sources.tar.gz