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On this page we gather all the talk and workshop proposals for FUDCon:Zurich_2010's fixed agenda on Friday and Saturday.


Add your session NOW!
ANYONE can propose a session, including YOU. Just pick a topic near and dear to your heart and propose it here right now.

When adding a session please keep in mind that the general audience is very mixed: users and contributors, beginners and experts, hackers and artists - to just name a few. Use the description and the audience level to make sure the right audience shows up.

A single session takes 45 minutes (followed by a 15 minutes break to change rooms and for the next speaker to get ready). If you do a hands-on workshop (note: not a hackfest) it can be 1h45 instead - please add a note if you need that kind of slot.

Session Name Description Audience Level Type of Session Preferred day/time Owner
Example Session This is only here to give people an idea how to fill in this table. one of: beginner/intermediate/expert one of: talk/workshop one of: Fri/Sat/barcamp(Sun), morning/afternoon (i.e. 09:00-12:00/13:00-17:00) Example Guy
Fedora Future The FPL presents a vision for the next 12-18 months for Fedora beginner/intermediate talk keynote FPL
Fedora Management and Configuration Interface DBus based configuration interface, next-gen system config tools intermediate talk Fri Jaroslav Reznik
Perl in Fedora Dual-lived modules, news from perl 5.12, ... intermediate talk Fri Marcela Mašláňová
How to live with SELinux what is SELinux, how does it works, how to implement the predefined policies and how to create custom policies? intermediate talk trac - Friday Bert Desmet
Fedora campus ambassadors roundtable about the campus ambassadors project everyone workshop Bert Desmet
Augeas Augeas from the point of package maintainer writing lenses for its config file everyone talk barcamp Ivana Hutarova Varekova
Going the open source way We went from proprietary code to open source with Spacewalk project two years ago. Lessons we learned. begginer talk Fri Miroslav Suchy
Tito Tool to manage releases of dozen packages from one git repo. intermediate talk Sat Miroslav Suchy
Fedora QA: What we do and how you can help A guide to all the Fedora QA activities, and how anyone can join in All levels talk Fri Adam Williamson
Fedora Design Suite: Hub for Upstream The vision of Fedora Design Suite and hands on testing on case scenarios All levels workshop Sat Pierros Papadeas
Introduction to Fedora Packaging Learn how to make a Fedora package that will pass review beginner-intermediate workshop * Tom "spot" Callaway
Legal and Licensing Discuss the legal issues surrounding Fedora from a hacker perspective everyone talk * Tom "spot" Callaway
Publishing Technical Documentation with DocBook and Publican An introduction to DocBook and Publican for people who want to write and publish technical documentation beginner-intermediate talk or workshop or both * Jared Smith
Introduction to Voice over IP A gentle introduction to modern telephony, with emphasis on VoIP beginner talk or workshop or both * Jared Smith
AutoQA introduction What exactly is AutoQA (automated testing framework for Fedora project), how it is/will be used, how it will influence your life, why you should be interested in it, how can you help us, how to include your own tests in it. intermediate (developers,testers,package maintainers) talk preferred Sat, Fri possible Kamil Páral
Introduction to Inkscape and Gimp You know you've always wanted to figure out what the heck you are doing when you load up Inkscape and Gimp. Learn how here. We'll walk through some sample projects including pony extrusion and lolcat creation. beginner (useful to users and developers) talk preferred Fri, Sat possible Máirín Duffy
Design team overview The Fedora Design team will go over their achievements over the F13 and F14 release cycles, and brainstorm ways of improving the things that didn't go right. intermediate (designers mainly) workshop Sat Máirín Duffy
Working with dist-git Fedora recently switched source control systems and work tools to use with it. This talk will go over the conversion and the new tools. beginner and up (useful for contributors) talk * Jesse Keating
Release Engineering SOPs Fedora Release Engineering is working on drafting Standard Operating Proceedures to cover the tasks we do to make Fedora happen. Join the fun and help create wiki pages and review tasks, it'll be a blast! (Raptor free zone, I promise!) beginner and up (useful for contributors) workshop Jesse Keating

lightning talks

A single lightning talk takes 10 minutes and will be hold the morning before the hack fests start. the purpose of this type of talk to introduce people to your project, you want to have a hack session about later. You are not required to participate in the lightning talks system though, as there will also be pitches.

session Name Description Owner
Example Session This is only here to give people an idea how to fill in this table. Example Guy