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Please use this page to record any information you have gathered about potential locations for either a FUDCon or FAD.



Owner: User:Ppapadeas

After seeing the vibrant Linux community in Athens, as well as the comparatively inexpensive costs and excellent subway system, MaxSpevack suggested Athens as a potential location for a FUDCon, but needs to follow up with Dimitris to gauge interest.

  • Facilities: There is a good chance we could get space at the National Technical University of Athens. PierrosPapadeas is studying there and can help us with that.
    • A few FOSS conferences were held there (including FossComm in which Fedora was represented), infrastructure is pretty OK (don't know the details yet but since it's a University it should be OK). Network, wifi, sound in main area of 200, projectors are pretty much covered there. There's also a big lobby area.
    • Photos: main room, lobby/cafe, spam, floor.
  • Lodging -- Since it's Athens I'm pretty sure we can find a multitude of hotels close by. The venue is a 10' bus from the heart of Athens, the Parthenon etc. Prices are decent (ticket for bus/metro/etc 80c, day ticket €3).
  • Budget -- Probably quite lower than other European capitals and expensive cities, but possibly a bit higher than others like Brno.
  • Availability: We'll need some concrete dates possible early on to book the venue. The fact that it's weekend will probably make things easier.
  • Other details: Two of the local ambassadors (PierrosPapadeas,KostasAntonakoglou are eagerly willing to help. ( :) ) Local LUG is willing to help out. Probably 30+ hackers will come around to participate/watch/etc, since the community here is quite vibrant.
  • Flights from big airports in central Europe (Munich, Brussels, Zurich) should cost around 200-300 €. For direct flights check Greek Aegean and Olympic Airlines and local airlines (eg. Lufthansa). Easyjet from London 150-200€.


  • GeroldKassube: the price for the cheapest flight (I found today) from Zurich to Athens (both ways) costs approx. CHF 500,- which is about ~ EUR 325,-

Berlin (been there, 2009-06)

Owner: GeroldKassube

This option is for FUDCon EMEA 2009 to be co-organized around LinuxTag 2009. We already have an idea of what this event might look like, due to work that Gerold and Marko Jung have already done.

  • GeroldKassube 2008-12-20: the price for the cheapest flight (I found today) from Zurich to Berlin (both ways) costs approx. CHF 275,- which is about ~ EUR 175,- (from Basel it's approx. CHF 80,-)

Brno (been there, 2008-09)

Owner: RadekVokal

After 2008's success, returning to Brno is always an option.

The primary benefit of this location is that a great number of Red Hat engineers are in that location, and not all of them would be able to attend a FUDCon somewhere else.

It's also very close (< 300 km) to 4 capital cities (Vienna, Bratislava, Prague, Budapest, in proximity order).

Masaryk University lets us have the venue for free during academic holidays. Food and accomodation are cheap by international standards.

FUDCon Brno 2008 - travel, lodging, budget.


Owner: User:Jsimon

We will do a FUDCon in Chemnitz someday, but not in 2010, because we just had FUDCon EMEA in Germany. We would like to do a bit FAD there, though.


Owner: User:Fcrippa


Owner: JeroenVanMeeuwen

FUDCon would be either in Utrecht or Delft, both a short train ride from Amsterdam's airport. For phase 1, we need information about FUDCon location, potential hotel information, and options for dates of the event.

  • Benefits of this location:
    1. We can throw one, two or three "Free as in Free Beer" parties
    2. New office in Delft, presumably sufficient for about 250 people (dunno about the (conference-)rooms yet though)
  • GeroldKassube 2008-12-20: the price for the cheapest flight (I found today) from Zurich to Amsterdam (both ways) costs approx. CHF 350,- which is about ~ EUR 230,-
  • Jeroen van Meeuwen 2009-10-26: Paid around 189 EURO to get to Basel (both ways) with Air France / KLM


Owner: ThomasWoerner

For phase 1, we need information about FUDCon location, potential hotel information, and options for dates of the event. One of the benefits of this location is that several Red Hat engineers are already there.

  • GeroldKassube 2008-12-20: from Switzerland (regardless from where) it's a 2 hours to 4 hours doable car drive


Owner: User:Vedranm


Possible in combination with FrOSCamp.

Zurich, Switzerland is located in the midst of central Europe. As of February 2010, 1 CHF (Swiss franc) is approximately 0.93 USD (US dollar).

Owner: Sandro Mathys & Marcus Moeller

Based on Dimitris' Qs and As, Sandro provided some As:



  • There's lot of hotels of different size and in different price ranges all over Zurich. If we decide to go for one big ho(s)tel for everyone, we should be able to get some group discount.
    • 100 Double rooms are available at the Ibis Hotel for 50 $/person/night. Tram station is nearby with direct connection to the event location.
    • The Swiss Youth Hostels' Zurich Youth Hostel looks promising (list prize CHF 50.-/person/night, might get group discounts).
      • Availability 2010-02-15: 27 beds at 17th September / 62 beds at 18th September 2010.
    • The Etap Hotel in Zurich could be an option, too (list price CHF 50.-/person/night, might get group discounts).
      • Availability: to be checked
  • There's also a great scout's cottage with >40 beds and some big rooms and outdoor sitting space to work together and have a barbecue, available at a nice price. There's also some great possibilities for fringe events nearby.
  • Zurich has excellent public transportation (city trains, trams, busses). This makes it easy to find a well-connected hotel (if those nearby don't fit). Day tickets cost CHF 5.- (EUR 3.-) and I think we could get group rebates there too.


Zurich is not the cheapest city like most metropoles in western Europe, but it depends on what we want/need.

  • We should be able to get everything we need for an appropriate price, at least for FUDCon where our group is big enough to ask for discounts.
    • Sandro has some good contacts to open source companys that might donate some money or resources (as happened for the FAD EMEA 2008 in Basel).


We will be able to offer low-priced catering (sandwiches and drinks) at the event location.

  • On Friday, the university canteens are a good and cheap places to get some lunch and/or evening dinner.


  • FUDCon: There's lots of buildings and rooms at different sites of the ETHZ. It shouldn't be a problem to have the event during a term break but as the ETHZ is normally closed on Sundays, something would have to be arranged - which we were told is possible. I think the most important point here is that we get in touch with the ETHZ prior to defining the exact date (i.e. it would be better if we're a bit flexible with the exact weekend).

NOTE: The scout's hostel is popular, so we'd need to know the date early enough (especially during summers and the holiday periods). Weekends are cheaper then workdays.


Zurich is well connected by national and international trains and has an international airport (which is very well connected to the city by train and tram). You can also easily get there by car.

The Zurich Airport is home to the Swiss International Air Lines (Swiss belongs to the German Lufthansa and is member of the Star Alliance) and to the Helvetic Airways.

  • Berlin: round-trip with Swiss from EUR 140.-
  • Paris: round-trip with Air France from EUR 230.-
  • London: round-trip with Swiss from EUR 150.-
  • Brussels: round-trip with Swiss/Lufthansa from EUR 320.-
  • Rome: round-trip with airberlin from EUR 250.-
  • Brno: round-trip with Czech Airlines from EUR 380.-

FUDCon Live

  • In mind of FUDCon Live, sessions and tracks could be recorded and made available through the ETHZ Multimedia Service.

Other details

  • We might get food/beverages cheaper from one of the canteens/caterers of the ETHZ than getting them with any 3rd-party caterer or the like.
  • FSF Europe's founder and former president Georg Greve is living in the Zurich area and so is FSFE's vize president Fernanda Weiden who works at Google's Zurich office. Maybe we could invite one of them to give a talk or initiate a cooperation of any kind between FSFE and Fedora.
  • FreeBeer (as in freedom - German only) is available in Zurich and would be a great refreshment at the FUDPub. We've drunk it at OpenExpo's social event and it's really tasty - and as the name says, the recipe is available under a copyleft license (CC-BY-SA). It's been developed (and is being sold by) a students organization (of both, the ETHZ and the University of Zurich), by the way.-->



(temp) Owner: MaxSpevack

It would be nice to have a big FAD in Cairo, since we have a number of strong Ambassadors there.

Latin America

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Owner: Rodrigo Padula

São Paulo - Brazil

Owner: Rodrigo Padula

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Córdoba - Argentina

Santiago - Chile

North America


Pune - India

Owner: RahulSundaram