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== Sources of budget ==
== Sources of budget ==
This section is lists the top-line, total cost that the FUDCon cannot exceed.  Sometimes budget will come from multiple sources, and sometimes it will only come from one source.
The Fedora budget includes $10,000 USD each for the FUDCons in LATAM and APAC.
Budget for FUDCon is as follows:
* $20,000 USD for FUDCons in NA and EMEA.
* $15,000 USD for FUDCons in LATAM and APAC.
* This budget comes from the ''Premier Fedora Events'' line item in the [[Community_Architecture_expenses#Premier_Fedora_Events|Community Architecture budget]], and should be considered a fixed amount unless any different information is confirmed in writing and in public.
== Fixed costs ==
== Fixed costs ==

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This pages provides a general-case budget for a FUDCon. You should use this page as the basis for a FUDCon:$CITY $YEAR budget page.

Sources of budget

The Fedora budget includes $10,000 USD each for the FUDCons in LATAM and APAC.

Fixed costs

The total fixed costs budget estimate is $5,000 USD, though this can fluctuate a bit depending on location. Depending on the local currency and the city of FUDCon, things are sometimes more or less expensive.


Estimate the cost of T-shirts for FUDCon. It's usually safe to estimate $2,000 USD for this cost, which should cover the production of the shirts and leave some money leftover for other parts of the budget. The final cost depends on the number of shirts needed.


We like to have a social event one night of FUDCon. We usually set aside about $1,500 USD for that.

Other food

We try to set aside about $1,000 USD for food. Having lunch delivered on the day of the FUDCon Bar Camp is the first requirement. If there is money left over, we sometimes use it to order pizza on one of the hackfest days.

Other swag

Set aside $500 USD for badges, flyers, and any miscellaneous stuff that is needed.

Variable costs


If the venue of the FUDCon requires any sort of payment, list that here.


The remainder of the budget is spent for sponsoring event attendees. It's up to the FUDCon planning team to figure out what the best way to do that is, based on the guidelines.