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The hackfest component of a FUDCon consists of one or more days of sessions where small groups of Fedora contributors work together to focus on specific tasks.

What is a hackfest?

FUDCon hackfests are different from FADs. Whereas FADs are planned in advance with Fedora contributors who already know each other and the task at hand prior to arrival, hackfests are much more casual and spontaneous in nature (some are first proposed during the hackfest period itself), with a significant portion specifically creating opportunities for newcomers dropping by to make their first contribution to Fedora.

Attending a hackfest

If you are attending a FUDCon,

Running a specific hackfest

Coordinating all hackfests at a FUDCon

You may find the following table helpful for use as a template. An example of this table in use can be seen for FUDCon Toronto 2009.

Session Name Session Leader General Plan Prerequisites, if any Where?
Name of the session, linked to the wiki page for that hackfest (the hackfest leader should create this). Name (and link to contact information) of the hackfest leader. The purpose/goal of the hackfest. Should people have preinstalled any packages, made any accounts, done any background reading, or acquired a certain level of familiarity or skill on a topic before attending this hackfest? The location of the hackfest, once you know it. This will often be scheduled on the morning of the first day of hackfests when people know what hackfests are going on and what rooms are available.