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This section covers the news surrounding the Fedora Ambassadors Project[1].

Contributing Editor: Richard A Vijay For days of the week starting from 25th June 2011 to 05th July 2011 [2]

  1. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors
  2. http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/

Welcome New Ambassadors

This week the Fedora Ambassadors Project had a couple of new members joining.

Each and everyone of us in Fedora Community is happy to have you as part of our Ambassadors team. We wish you very best in your endeavours.

https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Frankice from Nigeria mentored by Robert Scheck

https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Geleimate from Hungary mentored by Robert Scheck

Congrats and Wishes to all New members from Fedora Team.

Note: Please Note, this warm welcome message is on behalf of every Fedora Member. Discourage individual welcome messages to the list as we have to reduce large traffic.

Summary of traffic on Ambassadors mailing list


Gerard Braad Regional Mentor for APAC/China is planning to start conversation with GNOME to get them involved to foster community and open source. 

Gerard and Joerg Simon highlighted that Users are encouraged by highlighting U in FUDCon is for users and its not just for developers.

Rahul Sundram highlights on his views on a mail covering various aspects on FUDCon


Buddhika Kurera enquired about VISA and duration Tiansworld pointed out to [2]

Caius 'kaio' Chance highlighted on his views of comparison in country level readiness for holding FUDCon [3]

Truong Anh Tuan and others appreciated the transparency of the process [4]

Max Spevack highlighted on budget comparison for APAC,NA,EMES and LATAM [5]

Most of the active contributors expressed their views on FUDCon APAC

David ramsey Prepared the community for 2nd July Bi-weekly meeting on 2nd July, draft agenda was proposed and published. Meeting notes were published [6]

bochecha prepared the community for French Fedora meeting on 4th july. [7]

FAmSCo regular weekly meeting agenda and minutes were shared by Pierros Papadeas


FAmSCo meeting minutes for Jun 25, 2011 shared by Gerard Braad [9]

Harish Pillay highlighted on FAD for China Open Source week in October Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag He also highlights on Release Events,budgets and Dinner. He thanked the teams for working hard for a smooth event [10]

Jamie Williams sent out a gentle reminder for FAmNA meeting on 5th July 2011

Igor Pires Soares posted the links for bid India bid: [11]

China bid: [12]

Gerard Braad,Buddhika Kurera,Tiansworld,Rahul Sundaram,María Leandro,Truong Anh. Tuan,Danishka Navin,Neville A. Cross,inode0,Jared K. Smith,Robyn Bergeron,Jared K. Smith, susmit shannigrahi,Aditya Patawari wrote to express their views and queries on the bids

Joerg Simon posted and highlighted on Panama FUDCon Event with a google spreadsheet [13] Members posted their views and queries on it.

Startup Weekend Tampa Event was discussed and right channels suggested Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag

Christoph posted agend for EMEA Ambassadors meeting https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:EMEA_Ambassadors_2011-06-29



Minutes (text): [15]

Log: [16]

-- Generic issue on Linkedin was highlighted [17]

LinuxCon Europe and other events were highlighted by Jiri Eischmann, Robyn Bergeron,Igor Pires Soares,Jiri Eischmann, [18]

Events reported on Ambassadors mailing list

Joerg Simon posted and highlighted on Panama FUDCon Event with a google spreadsheet [19] Members posted their views and queries on it.

Startup Weekend Tampa Event was discussed and right channels suggested [20]

LinuxCon Europe and other events were highlighted by Jiri Eischmann, Robyn Bergeron,Igor Pires Soares,Jiri Eischmann, [21]

Discussions were on the following events

LinuxCon Europe 2011 - [22]

Linux Kernel Summit 2011 - [23]

Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2011 - [24]

GStreamer Conference 2011 - [25]

Real Time Linux Workshop 2011 - [26]

Campus Ambassadors mailing list-Summary of traffic

The mailing list did not have any traffic this week. [27]

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Thank you.Have a great week ahead, and feel free to write to editor for any comments,inclusions or exclusions in next beat - Editor --Richardvj11 15:38, 05 July 2011 (UTC)Richardvj11