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In this section, we cover the Fedora Design Team[1].

Contributing Writer: Nicu Buculei

The Game

The idea of a role playing game was floating for a while inside the Fedora community so after an initial talk[1] on IRC Nicu Buculei sent[2] a first vision "I decided to start the ball rolling by exposing my personal vision about it. I focused only on the 'gameplay', not on the implementation details", Dave Crossland pointed[3] to video on the topic "I recommended this Google Tech Talk on applying game dymanics to programs" and Máirín Duffy tries[4] to assemble a working team "Here's a whenisgood link to figure out when our meeting will be on the RPG, please fill it out - it's quick & painless."

‘Fedora Students Contributing’ T-Shirt'

After Máirín Duffy blogged about a new bi-weekly Design Bounty[1], "what we need is an awesome T-shirt to commemorate and celebrate the students’ accomplishments, for this past summer and for future Fedora summer programs like this. The shirts will be given out to the students, their mentors, and the sponsors of the program", Christian Brassat was the first to claim the task and provide[2] a design "we came up with the idea of using a flower to symbolize how the students taking part in this project are 'growing'", which was polished in a number of subsequent iterations.

Fedora 14 Graphics

Gearing for the release, the Design Team is closing the last remaining tasks: Alexander Smirnov created a finished version for media art[1] "I ended my DVD/CD label & sleeve artwork (include full color labels)" and Máirín Duffy the 'animated' wallpapers[2] "I just got these finished up and tested them out; I think they are looking good", which are ready for packaging.