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In this section, we cover the Fedora Design Team[1].

Contributing Writer: Nicu Buculei

Artwork for Fedora 13 Alpha

Nicu Buculei called[1] for a decision regarding the wallpaper for Fedora 13 wallpaper "As we are one day after the deadline and people are asking, I think we

  • must* take a decision about what we are going with for Alpha" and proposed one of the designs[2], an image created by Máirín Duffy "based on the recent discussions, it looks to me like like the strongest option is one of the 'Rocket Trails'". Since this proposals received the consensus, Martin Sourada proceeded[3] to build and push the package. Martin also blogged[4] about the new wallpaper.

Some More News on the Design Suite

Martin Sourada tested[1] the Design Suite[2], the new Fedora Spin targeted at professional designers, noticing a number of problems "20100211 hanged on starting rsyslog, 20100214 hanged on starting gdm" and raised the question about the need for Impress on the spin "why do we have OOo Impress but not the rest of the OOo suit (at least I haven't noticed it in menus)? This is IMHO just duplicating some of Inkscape functionality." Sebastian Dziallas, the spin maintainer, looked into the issues[3] "I had given the snapshot from Feb 14 a try in a local VM but didn't give installation a try, yet. I've also removed Impress, Krita and GThumb lately - basically to see where we can get size-wise." Still, the targetted image size remains under debate "We could also throw Impress and the rest of the OpenOffice suite in, though. 1 GB sounds like a good goal, then, indeed."