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In this section, we cover the Fedora Design Team[1].

Contributing Writer: Nicu Buculei

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Preparing for Beta

With the Beta freeze in sight, the Design Team worked on putting together all the needed pieces: Máirín Duffy made a Beta wallpaper[1] "Just a reminder this is so we have something updated in the beta, not necessarily going to be the final!" that was packaged by Martin Sourada, while even a bit late for the release Emily Dirsh proposed[2] a different approach on the same concept "Unfortunately, I didn't get them done in time for the meeting today, or to get into beta, but I did want to share them with everyone. :)".

Martin also packaged[3] the supplemental wallpapers[4] "I've finally found some time to work on the supplemental wallpapers package" and then updated the package with the addition of a couple more images for which author's confirmation was received with a little delay[5]. An improved version of the package is submitted to F14 updates-testing, waiting for karma.

Emily Dirsh centralized[6] the submitted splashes and banners in a wiki page [7] " So, if anyone wants to go look and submit feedback in preparation for the meeting tomorrow [...] you can see the wallpapers" and they were included for the Beta release. It was an opportunity for Máirín Duffy to write[8] a tutorial for preparing GRUB backgrounds[9]

Based on the current default wallpaper proposal Alexander Smirnov created[10] a release countdown banner for the website "I sending to wiki my proposal for countdown banner based on Máirín's wallpaper."

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