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In this section, we cover the Fedora Design Team[1].

Contributing Writer: Nicu Buculei

Fedora Design Team at FUDCon

A several members of the Fedora Design Team participated last week at the Fedora Users and Developers Conference (FUDCon) in Zurich, where the team meet for a few tracks: in the first day Máirín Duffy delivered[1] a presentation about creating digital art with GIMP and Inkscape in the main room in front of an interested audience "So I gave my Gimp & Inkscape tutorial session in the afternoon. For the hour that I had I went over by 30 minutes or so, but my very patient audience stuck around (thank you!)", in the second day Máirín organised a Design Team Workshop[2] for the team members to meet and plan the activity and Papadeas Pierros held[3] a workshop about the 'Design Suite' spin "think we managed to reach a consensus on that: Design Suite should focus on the Graphic tools and provide also basic functionality for Audio and Video editing". The third day the team meet again in a BarCamp session about creating 'awesome art stuff'[4], also conducted by Máirín "We kind of left it open-ended, but since Milan from the Spacewalk team needed a hackergotchi and I had just taken some photos of him for it this morning, I offered a run through of making a hackergotchi in the Gimp as a demo we could do, and asked the audience if they had anything they’d be interested in."

Banners for the Next FUDCon

The Design Team is not only participating to FUDCons, it also help organizing them, Marc Stewart followed[1] a ticket and created a set of banners for the next FUDCon in Tempe "I've made a set of banners by taking the logo from here: and then rearranging elements to fit the various banner shapes." Then, following a reqest by Robyn Bergeron[2], Marc consolidated[3] them to the wiki "I've uploaded them to the wiki, along with archives of the complete collection and of the SVG sources, and created a page that shows/links to them all"[4].