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In this section, we cover the Fedora Design Team[1].

Contributing Writer: Nicu Buculei

Icon Design

When Bryan Nielsen, as a new contributor, tried his hand [1] at a first task[2] "I was looking for a simple ticket item that I could tackle and ticket #99 does not have an owner and looked like something I could handle", Jakub Steiner, the team's guru in icon design, stepped in[3] with useful advices "Indeed, the workflow goes like this - create the highres, scale it down for 48x48, remove all the detail that won't render. Get rid of all the mask tricks, put 1px strokes in place. Make sure everything snaps to the pixel grid (snap to bounding box in inkscape). Once 48x48 is down, repeat for smaller sizes. Once done, edit the icon name and context in the baseplate layer, hide the baseplate layer and render the icon with ./ icon-name" and after a number of iterations Bryan achieved[4] a good result.

Release Graphics

Media artwork (CD/DVD sleeves and labels) are one of the lasts items needing to be done before the Fedora 14 release so Alexander Smirnov proposed[1] a design "It's my proposal for create DVD/CD sleeve artwork. This concept based on our new branding font Comfortaa and Cantarel." After a suggestion[2] by Máirín Duffy he removed the GNOME logo and improved[3] the text layout. Alexander even created[4] physical products and provided photos "I created real sleeve for preview (photo from my mobile phone)." Marc Stewart built his own version[5] on Alexander's layout "I am indebted to Alexander for posting his designs. Up until a few hours ago, I felt there was something missing from mine, and have shamelessly stolen the overlay and front logo, and moved the front details from the bottom-left over to the right as a consequence of incorporating these elements."

Alexander Smirnov also created[6] the countdown banner[7] for the Fedora 14 release "I ended make translate version my countdown banner" and Máirín Duffy forwarded[8] it to the websites list.

Design Suite Leadership

Chris Jones announced[1] his resignation as a co-maintainer of the Fedora Design Suite "This is by no means good bye for me and my Fedora and Fedora Design Suite Spin Development contributions. It's simply a change of position to something more suited to my current choices and availabilities", Nicu Buculei made the case[2] for a better collaboration "I think it would have been helpful if all of you sat down together (at the weekly IRC Design Team meetings would be a perfect opportunity), talk and fine tune your vision", Pierros Papadeas acknowledged[3] his share "I really feel that I should apologize for not being responsive the past couple of months, as I have tremendous pressure from my school and job. I am feeling deeply sorry about that" and Chris reiterated[4] talk did happen, but not in public "I should probably have mentioned that all three of us did have email contact and our own meetings away from the mailing list and out of public discussion."