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In this section, we cover the Fedora Design Team[1].

Contributing Writer: Nicu Buculei

Icon Work

As a new contributor to the Design Team, Bryan Nielsen completed his first task[1] with guidance from Jakub Steiner "Thanks for all the assistance in putting this together, there were some gaps in my Inkscape and SVG knowledge and skills that have now been filled." After growing in experience he grew confidence to continue "I'm looking forward to taking on another ticket once this one is put to bed" and started working[2] on another icon "I quickly threw together a couple of hires mock ups that reuse existing components", again with Jakub's guidance[3] "Here's a few tips. Starting with a highres always leads to suboptimal metaphors. Think how you'd execute that at 16x16px."

Logo Work

Felipe Echeverria, new contributor to the Design Team, tackled[1] as his first task the logo/icon design for the blogging client Lekhonee, a ticket[2] open for a long time. He works with guidance[3] from Máirín Duffy "maybe rotate the pen on the right 90 degrees clockwise, so the two pen nibs make an 'L' for Lekhonee. But as they are now they make a great 'W' which makes me think of Wordpress so this may be entirely unnecessary" and advancing in subsequent iterations[4]

Mockup Work

Luya Tshimbalanga posted[1] his mockups for an Anaconda redesign "I started to work on initial Fedora installer mockup[1]. The concept is based on openSUSE first screen installer (GRUB) and uses design team default typeface", Máirín Duffy explained[2] is a bit early for this task before an usability study "I think it's fine to work through visual design ideas right now, but we haven't really begun a usability assessment of Anaconda so I also think it's a bit too early to start mocking up the UI screen-by-screen" and proposed[3] the Fedora 15 development cycle for this "Yep definitely, once F14 is out the door I definitely want to start working with the Anaconda team and post stuff here on-list as well as on the wiki."