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In this section, we cover the Fedora Artwork Project.

Contributing Writer: Nicu Buculei

Theming Fedora 11

For this release cycle, the Art team is trying a slightly different process with linking the desktop theme to the release name, so just after the codename "Leonidas" was announced for Fedora 11, the process started with Máirí­n Duffy proposing on @fedora-art two possible approaches, navigation "We could get some inspiration from traditional nautical tools, like compasses, navigational charts, telescope, all that kind of stuff. It could have a kind of steampunk look" and water "Or we can get some inspiration from water and water traffic. For example, imagine time lapse photos of a river in a city over the course of a day, with folks rowing crew in the morning, sailing in the afternoon, with tour/party boats coming through in the evening - for the time-lapse wallpaper".


Nicu Buculei observes[2] that even if the release name is based on a historical ship, most people will associate it with the ancient Greek hero "Technically the vote was for the ship but I am sure (and the reaction after the announcement are a reassurance) most people voted for the Spartan" and support a theme based on the Ancient Greece culture "So I am thinking about the Golden ratio, used a loot in the Ancient Greek architecture, notably on the Parthenon and probably a graphic based on the Golden ratio would be fit", a take endorsed[3] by Samuele Storari "The Hellenic age was the top of the acient greece time and it spouse the first concept as well, maybe we can use a steam punk, futuristic theme for the old art" and Konstantinos Antonakoglou[4] "Basically, I imagine a trireme-like, or even an ancient fish-boat (with or without the Fedora logo on its sail :P) sailing on a sea of stars (with splashes on its front). I guess it can be combined with the golden ratio , math etc."




At the same time, Charlie Brej noted[5] some possible inadvertent uses of the release name "The only problem is the theme should be as acceptable to as many people as possible. So, for the Leonidas theme we should stay away from: violence, nudity, blood, glorification of war, nationalistic sentiments etc..."


Mark reiterated[6] his old idea or reusing the theme of an older release, "How do you guys feel about a full theme in the old fedora (Core 1 till 4) colors? The link with the F11 name is (just making it up now) : Reviving old days. (the name represents something old and the theme represents the beginning years of fedora)", an idea not liked by the rest of the team, as noted by Máirí­n Duffy][7] and Luya Tshimbalanga[8].




Máirí­n Duffy started[9] a wiki page[10] to collect all the proposals, keep an eye on it to follow the development.



Closely related tot he theme development is the draft scedule[11] for the Art Team proposed[12] by John Poelstra.