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In this section, we cover the Fedora Artwork Project.

Contributing Writer: Nicu Buculei

Finishing the Artwork for Fedora 11

John Poelstra asked [1] on @fedora-art about the lesson learned and the need for a special feedback period embedded in future release cycles "Maybe we should build a feedback period into the Fedora 12 schedule?" and the status of the remaining work for Fedora 11 "It is also important to note that we are targeting the completion of final artwork and packaging a little less than two weeks from now on 2009-04-16 so that it can all be in the Preview Release and have two weeks to shake out anything that needs final fixing before GA", with Paul W. Frields reinforcing[2] the question "How can we improve the schedule of dates for Artwork deliverables, so that they're more realistic or constructive?"

In reply, Nicu Buculei pleaded[1] for early, on-going feedback "I don't think we need a feedback period, we need to get some graphics (concepts) as soon as possible to get feedback from the early stages. Is not useful if one week before the freeze we learn that everything is not good enough, we have to scrap it and restart."

Appreciating the reminder[1] "Thank you for this reminder and for helping keep us on track", Máirí­n Duffy outlined a list of the remaining tasks: Wallpaper Design, Plymouth Splash, GNOME splash, KDE splash, full screen splash for syslinux, grub splash. gnome screensaver lock dialog, anaconda square splash, firstboot vertical header, kdm, wallpaper extras and she set a deadline[2] on the wallpaper polishing "I'm going to block off Thursday as the day to dive in and polish stuff off".

Nicu Buculei and Martin Sourada took one of the points, the wallpaper extras, further[1][2] and concluded "freeze is irrelevant here. It's highly probable it won't be on any of the official spins, so having the package released at the same day as GA is IMHO fine"

Charles Brej advanced a Plymouth animation proposal[1] "here is a possible progress bar in the style of the theme", followed by another minimalist proposal[2] from Mike Langlie, acclaimed by some[3][4] but also criticised by its use of proprietary tools under proprietary operating systems (Photoshop on OS X)[5]. A third mock-up[6] from Cătălin Feştilă is dismissed by Nicu Buculei for the use of English-only text " Fedora is an operating system for the entire world, we can't go with an English-only text. Due to localization concerns, is wise to avoid any texts rendered as graphics."

Also in preparation for the upcoming Preview Release and the General Release, Paolo Leoni posted[1] a release countdown banner, which evolved quickly with the feedback received into a complete, polished tarball[2], ready to run on the website.

Susmit Shannigrahi advanced a DVD label concept[1], criticised by Luya Tshimbalanga for the use of an obsolete theme[2] "Note that artwork used for Fedora 11 Beta is not final" an Nicu Buculei for excessive use of colors[3] "to keep the printing cost down ideally the label will use only a few colors". Apparently, according to Susmit, in his country the price is not affected by the number of colors used[4] "Well, here in India, they don't charge by color. They charge at a flat rate of 11INR(22 cents) each for bulk production."

Interview with the Art Team

In the previous edition of the Fedora Weekly News we reported about an interview with the Fedora Art Team being conducted for the Linux Graphics Users forum[1], now Nicu Buculei reported[2] on@fedora-art about the interview going live[3].