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In this section, we cover the Fedora Documentation Project.

Contributing Writer: Jason Taylor

Fedora 10 Release Notes

This week marked the freeze time for the release notes for the Preview Release of Fedora 10. There was a lot of work done by the team in getting the notes updated, edited, converted to xml and ready for the translation team. It was a little late[1] due to lots of content and tooling changes but with the added time taken less updates will be needed for the final release.


Fedora Wiki Mailing List

There was conversation this week about the possibility of making a fedora-wiki mailing list[1]. Some of the reasons for making a wiki-centric list are that groups unrelated to documentation could ask questions but not have the documentation related information that the @fedora-docs-list generates to sort through and a forum for wiki questions that aren't related to documentation but Fedora Project usage of the wiki. After a series of replies supporting the creation of a wiki list, it looks like it will be implemented in the near future.