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In this section, we cover the happenings for Fedora Marketing Project from 2010-03-13 to 2010-03-19.

Contributing Writer: Neville A. Cross

The beats usually report mostly from mailing list, but this time it will be impossible to do so. Marketing FAD took place during this period, and so many important thing happened that mailing list did not reflect truth about the work done. The very first stop should be to look at Marketing FAD wiki [1] which has been updated and ordered to be easily readable by Mel. [2]

On the wiki you will find links to meeting logs, photos, videos and blogs that will allow you get an idea of those amazing four days at Raleigh. There will be more about Marketing FAD as there are ripples of task that will be seeing shortly and hopefully listed in the marketing beat.

One of the big outcomes of this meeting was the Marketing Plan [3], that will help us to prioritize activities that are related to Educate, Build Bridges, Spread the Brand and Build Ramps.

On another topic, there is a warm up for a press release about for Google Summer of Code [4]. This is just a preparation as there is no answer yet to confirm that Fedora and JBoss are accepted as a umbrella organization. More information is avalible on the wiki [5] [6]

Finally, I think we have a trend in marketing team about Meta_Marketing, like having several how-to on writing how-to. This time we have a thread [7] raising awareness on how important is for our activities to read Fedora Weekly News, and I am reporting this in the Fedora Weekly News.