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In this section, we cover the happenings for Fedora Marketing Project from 2010-05-26 to 2010-06-01.

Contributing Writer: Neville A. Cross

Larry Cafiero[1] has forwarded a message from one computer store offering Fedora pre-installed, and this seller wanted to be listed on wiki as there are list for other people selling Fedora disks. This has started a thread that probably will lead to distribution pages[2] to be updated.

Paul Frields shared and idea for feature story[3]. This was later picked up by Robyn Bergeron[4] who suggested more ideas, so we can keep a continuous flow of contend. This also is an opportunity for newcomers to participate in marketing team. You can see the list of suggested interviews[5] and start creating a wonderful story.

Lars Delhage brought back the Fedora Marketing Book Club[6]. The book club wants to share one recommendation for reading and then have an IRC discussion. Book List include those that may be helpful for Marketing Open Source projects. The will be one book for every month and June will be “The Starfish And The Spider”. Everybody is welcomed to the book club[7], not just marketing members as was pointed also in another mail by Robyn Bergeron[8].

Marketing team has a new head starting on June 1st. Robyn Bergeron will be now team leader as was announced by Mel Chua[9] last week. We thanks Mel for her unstoppable energy as Marketing leader and welcome Robyn as new leader.

Finally we have MMM – Marketing Meeting Minutes[10], and I think this new name may stick.