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In this section, we cover the happenings for Fedora Marketing Project from 2010-08-18 to 2010-08-24.

Contributing Writer: Neville A. Cross

Paul Frields[1] introducen among the release slogan procedures to contact legal department.

Robyn Bergeron[2] gave us a release slogan update, as it was approved by legal department. Then Robyn[3] hold that for further discussion. She[4] make a question to us all, about if we want a slogan that is similar to other company recently launched slogan. Jared Smith[5] commented that plan B was not ready, at it was not subbimetd for approval to leag department.

Paul Frield[6] reconsiderd if we need to came up with a release slogan, skip this release or drop it definetily. Neville Cross[7] commented that FUDCon Tempe may be a good oportunity to discus if we gant to drop slogan releases permanentely.

Robyn[8] started a second round for slogan: "Rise Up", "Be everywhere" and "Soar". Stephen Smoogen[9] added "Vector In", "Ansantz", "Starting Point" and "SuperSolid". After some other ideas on the list, Larry Cafierro[10] brough back the idea of skiping the release slogan. Stephen Smoogen[11] seconded the idea. Jared Smith[12] wanted confirmation if the proposal was not having a slogan for F14, or not having a slogan at all, or both? Paul[13] is concerned that we may be more productive looking at long-term messages. Finnally selease slogan was skkiped for Fedora 14, the desition was made at marketing meeting[14]

Sebastian Dziallas[15] put a sumary of new features comming on Sugar. Paul Frield[16] suggested that it was needed a little twits to show what user can do with those new features.

Henrik Heigl[17]

If you like one of the new features in Fedora 14, you can help writing a Feature profile. Robyn[18] was extending an invite to help on this.