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In this section, we cover the happenings for Fedora Marketing Project from 2010-03-31 to 2010-04-06.

Contributing Writer: Neville A. Cross

Mel Chua[1] started a thread about briefing Ambassadors wich got a wiki page[2] to get started with ideas. This came back from marketing FAD as a way to create bridges among Marketing and Ambassadors. The idea is to provide tools for Ambassadors dealing with new release activities.

Max Spevack unleashed a wiki challenge[3] and created a wiki[4] page to keep track of this challenge. This consist in look statistics for pages with high number of request and low maintenance, to update those pages.

Paul Frields[5] pointed us to a wiki page where we can start working on Fedora 13 Beta Announcement[6].

Mel Chua[7] reports from Allegheny College that she has 40 students engaged on doing some hand on work for Fedora Marketing which now is just gearing up, but soon we shall see a lot of work produced.

We now have a valuable resource for recording video interviews[8], Ryan Rix uploaded a video[9] of Colby Hoke in an impromptu "how to do interviews". Colby s part of Red Hat Public Relationship staff.

There is a call for help made by Neville Cross[10] to help with modules of what will be a more comprehensive Press Kit[11]

Amit Shah[12] shared some fine articles published in "Linux For You" magazine regarding virtualization and put all of them available on the wiki[13]

Finally after a call of "No_meeting_today" there was a meeting anyway, we have got momentum and keep up the work, logs are available as usual[14].