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In this section, we cover the happenings for Fedora Marketing Project from 2010-04-07 to 2010-04-13.

Contributing Writer: Neville A. Cross

Neville A. Cross started a thread about briefing ambassadors[1] which has been evolving due the fact that it will invite ambassadors to submit photos for the One-page release notes[2] and there was some concerns about. Those concern where later converted in a new thread by Paul W. Frields[3] which will constitute a full invitation for pictures. From there we got in deep legals concerns.

Max Spevack [4] lead the way into updates and translations of fedora flyer. Paul W. Frields [5] pointed our attention for a revision of the talking points.

Students from Allegheny have been writing to the marketing list, but Nicholas Ozorak[6] initiated a good flow of ideas regarding Fedora video distribution.

Stephen Gallagher[7] asked for help from marketing team to publicite SSSD (System Security Services Daemon). His request came in the right time and was converted into a Feature Profile.

The release of Fedora 13 Beta has started a lot of news. One of the more catchy, despite its inaccuracies, was pointed by Kara Schiltz[8]

Finally as any Tuesday, we got our meeting and as usual we keep logs[9] to share with the world.