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In this section, we cover the happenings for Fedora Marketing Project from 2010-04-21 to 2010-04-27.

Contributing Writer: Neville A. Cross

Garland Binns opened this week with a suggestion for keyword optimization for our web site.[1] This was warmly welcomed. From Portugal, Nelson Marques did a comparison on youtube search results for Fedora[2]. Was a good reflexion on how some people do things for Fedora without even bein part of the project.

We got back to the change from LiveCD to LiveDVD with a message form Jonathan Nalley[3]. He pointed out how this was seen by the news. This is actually a lack of consistency that we need to fix. News doesn't have to be dull, Mel Chua pointed the winners of the "We're Linux" video contest hosted by Linux Fundation[4].

We had plenty of sprints and content done, some of the with help from students at Allgheny. AS one example of this, Hannah Kowen gave the final touchs to the BTRFS Feature ProfileCite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag.

Gerard Braad is looking how to get Chinese marketing[5]. He will be traveling and would like to improve the participation from the Chinese community and also see how marketing team can do better for them.

Probably the most important thing for Marketing Team was the Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier IRC Classroom. Mel Chua posted the log for this Fedora Classroom at the list[6], This is part of a effort to buid skill within the Marketing Team, and there are more classes to come.

Adam Williamson is becoming a valuable team member by helping as bridge between QA team and Marketing team. He pointed out a very confusing news[7] regarding a Ubuntu memory leak issue, that may be misinterpreted as Red Hat/Fedora related. We should be informed and ready to clarify this. The other mail from Adam was asking for hel promoting Test Day[8]. It is recommended that you take a look to his blog[9].