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In this section, we cover the happenings for Fedora Marketing Project from 2010-09-29 to 2010-10-05.

Contributing Writer: Neville A. Cross

Raul Islam contributed[1] with a summary of Fedora 14 features.

Ankur Sinha suggested[2] that we need a easy way to pass the "in the news" media hits to and twitter

Paul Frields was looking[3] to coordinate features profiles articles with Red Hat press blog. Kara Schiltz pointed out[4] some openings for October 21 and 28. Robyn Bergeron pointed out[5] that EC2 and mini-SIG are under work, but also expressed need for some one to make a feature profile on developer tools. Paul said[6] he was already working on it.

Paul Frields indicated[7] that Red Hat is undertaking press release for Fedora 14. If anybody wants to pitch in can look at the wiki page[8] for collaborating.