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In this section, we cover the Fedora Marketing Project.

Contributing Writer: Svetoslav Chukov

Fedora's Community Attracts Experienced Users

A tale[1] of one user's experience migrating from SUSE 9 to Fedora. "I realized that Fedora is not simply a GNU/Linux distribution with great amount of software but something more than that. I would classify Fedora as combination of strong community, GNU/Linux distribution and great spirit. So, that was the best distro I would switch on. Because of the good support from the community I migrated so easily and avoiding problems."


5 Second Boot of a Modified Version of Fedora

As reported in, at the Linux Plumbers Developer Conference, two Linux developers at Intel demonstrated two different modified linux distributions booting in about five seconds on an Asus EEE, one of which was a modified Fedora install[1]. The article includes details on where the time savings were achieved throughout the boot process.