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In this section, we cover the Fedora Marketing Project.

Contributing Writer: Kam Salisbury

Draft Fedora 11 Schedule

The draft Fedora 11 schedule is now available via the wiki[1]. Now is as good as a time as any to get involved with Fedora Marketing by reviewing the goals of Fedora Marketing[2] and then joining[3].

Fedora Twitters

You can now follow most major Fedora announcements via Twitter. Just choose to follow fedora_linux[1] from your Twitter account. Alternately, you can choose to follow Fedora Linux major news announcements via RSS[2]. Twitter[3] provides a social network tied together via 140 character status messages.

Fedora 11 Alpha now ships with Windows cross compiler

Fedora 11 now includes the Windows cross compiler Min-GW[1], a development environment for Fedora users who want to save time and duplication of effort by cross-compiling their programs to run on Windows without actually having to use Windows during development.