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=== General ===
=== General ===
[[MichaelDeHaan|Michael DeHaan]] wrote[1] an essay entitled ''Academics, Innovation, Patents, And a Path Beyond?'' about FOSS, cross-organizational collaboration and encouraging innovation.
[[User:Jspaleta|Jef Spaleta]] had some ideas[2] about "how to do more focused new contributor recruitment and training in Fedora" and using the <code>Mugshot</code> online service to gather statistics and create personalized notifications (invitations) to its users.
[[User:Duffy|Máirín Duffy]] created[3] a list of questions (and provoked a healthy discussion) that could be used to develop a set of guidelines for notifications ("Chatty Applications").
[[GregDeK|Greg DeKoenigsberg]] wrote[4] about some of the work going in to synchronizing Fedora and OLPC efforts.
[[JamesMorris|James Morris]] explained[5] some of the security changes that have gone in to the latest (2.6.28) Linux Kernel.
[[User:Kwade|Karsten Wade]] asked "why aren’t you publishing on the Fedora wiki?"[6] and followed up with a set of thoughts to encourage documentation contributions.
After a few Fedora 10 frustrations, [[User:Vwbusguy|Scott Williams]] tried-out[7] OpenSuSE and found some good bits and some not-so-good bits.
The latest [ Red Hat Magazine] included[8] a video interview of Michael DeHann discussing Cobbler "and how it simplifies network installations for datacenters and other large-scale linux environments".
[[User:Jlaska|James Laska]] continued[9] his tutorial on ''Creating a virtual test lab'' (using tools such as Cobbler, Koan and SNAKE).
[[User:Ke4qqq|David Nalley]] thanked[10] HP for providing Mini-notes (with Linux preinstalled!) for Fedora Ambassadors.
[[User:Jspaleta|Jef Spaleta]] wrote[11] an open letter to Mark Shuttleworth questioning the openness (or lack thereof) of Canonical's Launchpad.
=== FUDCon 11 ===
A small selection of FUDCon-related posts:
[1] ("Not in Boston? Listen Live, Watch Videos After!")
[2] Photos:
[3] More photos:
[4] Even more photos:

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