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Planet Fedora

In this section, we cover the highlights of Planet Fedora[1] - an aggregation of blogs from Fedora contributors worldwide. This edition covers highlights from the past two weeks.

Contributing Writer: Adam Batkin


Mel Chua reported[1] that there was a Zikula hackfest, which will shortly become the standard CMS for all Fedora Docs, Marketing and News.

Speaking of marketing, Karsten Wade posted[2] video on how "building sustainable community in Fedora leads to new innovation and new fun stuff for people to play with." And apparently[3] the Red Hat Wikipedia page[4] could use some updating.

Charles Brej continued[5][6] the Plymouth Theming Guide. If you have ever wanted your startup sequence to include a butterfly flapping its wings across the screen instead of a boring old progress bar, this is the series for you.

Richard Hughes created[7] the shared-color-profiles project to collect ICC profiles for various devices for use with Gnome Color Manager. Also mentioned[8] is a set of inexpensively available targets for use in calibrating any unknown device.

Karel Zak described[9] the new unshare command that is part of util-linux-ng 2.17. "The unshare(1) is a new command line interface to unshare Linux syscall and allows a program to run with some parts of the process execution context unshared from parent." An example shown is hiding a mounted filesystem within one shell session.

Jesse Keating announced[10] the upcoming move of Fedora's package source control system from CVS to Git.

Dave Jones presented[11] a conundrum in packaging the Linux kernel. "The kernel rpm package creates an initramfs file that gets dropped in /boot at install time. Creation of this file is the responsibility of dracut (or mkinitrd in older releases), called from the kernels %post script. Because we want removal of a kernel to also remove its associated initrd file (or else /boot would fill up), we used to list the initramfs file in rpms database as a %ghost file owned by the kernel..."

If you have found that your Gnome icons have disappeared from various places, Juan J. Martínez has[12] your answer. And how to get them back.

FUDCon Wrapup

Although there were lots of posts from/about FUDCon, these three posts were selected as they present good broad summaries of the event:


Daniel Berrange explained[1] how to use CGroups ("a generic mechanism the kernel provides for grouping of processes and applying controls to those groups") with "libvirt and LXC/KVM guests in Fedora 12", another feature that was quietly added to Fedora 12.

And in case you are using VMWare and want to migrate to KVM, Gerard Braad instructed[2] on how to migrate virtual machines between the two.

Daniel Berrange also posted[3] how to use "Routed subnets without NAT for libvirt managed virtual machines in Fedora".

Richard W.M. Jones finished[4] the three-part series on prebuilt distributions. Imagine being able to provision and built a complete virtual machine in 60 seconds...