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Planet Fedora

In this section, we cover the highlights of Planet Fedora[1] - an aggregation of blogs from Fedora contributors worldwide. This edition of the Planet Fedora covers the past two weeks.

Contributing Writer: Adam Batkin


Venkatesh Hariharan wrote[1] an article entitled "Open Source offers more to CIOs" for IT Next magazine in India's "Moneywise" column.

Lennart Poettering attended[2] the Linux Audio Conference 2010 in Utrecht and came away with some interesting ideas about how to make the two work well together. "even many pro audio folks are not sure what Jack does that PulseAudio doesn't do and what PulseAudio does that Jack doesn't do; why they are not competing, why you cannot replace one by the other, and why merging them (at least in the short term) might not make immediate sense. In other words, why millions of phones on this world run PulseAudio and not Jack, and why a music studio running PulseAudio is crack."

David Lutterkort offered[3] a top for using augeas to add users to a group.

Richard W.M. Jones shared a number of tips, including how to collect and use core dumps[4], using guestfish to extract ISO images without needing to be root[5] and using git's cherry-pick carefully apply individual fixes or patches to a codebase[6].