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Planet Fedora

In this section, we cover the highlights of Planet Fedora - an aggregation of blogs from Fedora contributors worldwide.

Contributing Writer: Adam Batkin


Marc F Ferguson expounded[0] upon the wonders of "Being a Part of Something Bigger" by joining the Fedora Project and switching to Linux! While there are lots of positive posts out there, this one captures the positive feeling that a lot of folks have by joining a project like Fedora.

Andrew Overholt appealed[1] for anyone interested in helping get JBoss AS 5.0 into Fedora.

Karsten Wade wrote[2] about some of the issues and concerns involved with picking a CMS for Fedora.

Abhishek Rane posted[3] some nice screenshots of Amarok (as well as a download link for Fedora 10).

Jef Spaleta continued[4] his across-the-intertubes discussion with Mark Shuttleworth about Canonical's Launchpad being closed source, and talked about his motivations behind contributing to Fedora: "I have never received a paycheck from Red Hat in any capacity...Making sure companies which proclaim to be open source advocates are actually ‘walking the walk’ is on my personal agenda." In another post, Jef added[5] the statistic "2 out of the top 3 'ideas' on Ubuntu's brainstorm this week are requests to take features from the Fedora Feature process for Fedora 10 and port them to Ubuntu". He continued[6] by showing that Soyuz (a component of Launchpad that Canonical has not open sourced) has a much higher number of open bugs than other components. Along a similar line of thought, he discussed[7] in more general terms, "How important is opening sourcing in the cloud?"

Greg DeKoenigsberg mused[8] about the loss of most of the OLPC software development team and what that means for OLPC, Sugar and Fedora.

Jesus Rodriguez announced[9] that Spacewalk 0.4 ("an open source Linux and Solaris systems management solution") has been released, including a list of features and enhancements and some known issues.

Scott Williams proposed[10] offering support for end-of-life versions of Fedora in a new Freenode IRC channel (#Fedora-EOL), complete with some discussion in the comments about whether or not this was a good idea.

Dave Jones generated[11] a neat graph of the performance of an SSD

Jef Spaleta provided[12] some interesting statistics about VCS usage from Debian as well as, and discussed some of the implications.














FUDcon Boston

Máirín Duffy took[1] some photos of the latest FUDcon Boston shirts.

Chris Tyler announced[2] that "Video from eight of the FUDCon F11 sessions plus Paul Frield's closing remarks/State of Fedora are now available".

Karsten Wade asked[3] "Where are your FUDCon session notes?" (so if you have any session notes from FUDcon, feel free to follow these tips to share them with others who may not have been so fortunate to attend in-person).





John Poelstra wrote[1] about how to perform "Fast Spaceless Backups".

Bogomil Shopov shared[2] a quick tutorial on "Installing LXDE on Fedora". LXDE is the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment ("a desktop environment which is lightweight and very very fast").