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Planet Fedora

In this section, we cover the highlights of Planet Fedora - an aggregation of blogs from Fedora contributors worldwide.

Contributing Writer: Adam Batkin

Activism Alert

Oron Peled wrote[1] about a proposed new IETF standard for "Transport Layer Security (TLS) Authorization Extensions" which may be patent-encumbered before it is even approved.

Paul W. Frields appealed[2] for prior art against a patent that covers a user interface that has multiple workspaces (filed March 25, 1987).


Dave Jones announced[3] some changes to the Fedora kernel packaging "to drop the regular 686 kernels. As of Fedora 11, the only 32-bit kernels built are '586' and '686-PAE' (and their -debug variants)."

Lennart Poettering described[4] some of the new changes in the latest PulseAudio 0.9.15 release, including Flat Volumes, On-the-fly Reconfiguration of Devices (aka "S/PDIF Support"), Native support for 24bit samples and support for Airport Express.

David Nalley wrote[5] about the Fedora Ambassadors giving away free XO laptops! To qualify, either "Package and maintain a sugar-* package for 2 releases or more" or "Build a Sugar activity that helps meet the 'holy list of 4th grade maths[6]'".

Andrew Overholt announced[7] the release of the Linux Tools project for Eclipse. The release has lots of features from profiling and tracing with SystemTap to autoconf and RPM spec file editor (with autocomplete) support.

Jef Spaleta expressed[8] mild excitement at Canonical's "Renewed focus on suspend resume". In a later post, he wrote[9] about comparing Linux (and even OSX) user experiences with respect to functionality regressions after an update.

Seth Vidal mused[10] on the fact that a poster on Planet Gnome[11] had said that "Fedora is held to a higher standard" than certain other distributions.

Harish Pillay reacted[12] to an IDC report claiming "Proprietary software products are much better documented than open source because of the volunteer nature of open source software development".


Devan Goodwin explained[1] how to perform bandwidth-limited secure encrypted backups using duplicity and Amazon's S3 Storage Service.

Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail described[2] how to enable "Disk snapshot backup in Linux".

Lennart Poettering requested[3] that D-Bus interfaces be properly versioned, and described some best-practices including the hows and whys.


Once again: So many people have written about attending FOSDEM that it would take an entire issue of FWN post all of the links. Instead an arbitrarily selection will be randomly chosen.

And on a slightly different note, Arindam Ghosh wrote[1] about (and posted photos of) Mikti'09[2].