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Planet Fedora

In this section, we cover the highlights of Planet Fedora[1] - an aggregation of blogs from Fedora contributors worldwide.

Contributing Writer: Adam Batkin


Josh Bressers noted[1] that Coverity has scanned a number of Open Source projects for vulnerabilities for a third year running, and they are claiming "that there is a 16 percent reduction is flaws found". Josh noted that it is too early to draw conclusions on what this actually means for OSS.

Michael Tiemann spoke[2] "at Open World Forum in Paris on the subject of open source and the digital (economic) recovery".

James Morris posted[3] a roundup from the SELinux Developers Summit (which immediately preceded LinuxCon and the Linux Plumbers Conference) in Portland, Oregon. Mmm, donuts. Daniel Walsh presented[4] on "how sandbox -X works" at the conference. Daniel also mentioned[5] that Fedora 12 will include a command-line interface to polgengui (which "is a template based policy framework, that ask the user a few questions, and then generate initial policy files to allow the policy writer to get started").

Richard W.M. Jones continued[6],[7] adding tools that can introspect virtual machines from a host system, this time a graphical df (virt-df), virt-uname, virt-update and virt-ping.

Rahul Sundaram talked[8][9] about the problems, dangers, and potential preventions for dependency breakage (you know, when you run "yum update" and it tells you that it can't continue because 1 out of the 146 packages that need to be updated doesn't have all of its dependencies satisfied).

According to Matt Domsch, MirrorManager now[10] has the ability to automatically select a local Fedora mirror by netblock, ASN and a number of other factors.

Mel Chua is working on a scholarship/fellowship program for middle to high school students and wants[11] your input.

Separately, Mel also asked[12] "How can we make it easier for people to send patches?"

Konstantin Ryabitsev scripted[13] NetworkManager and Postfix to automatically select a different relay SMTP server, depending on what network the system has connected to.

Peter Hutterer announced[14] that "MPX has been released as part of XI2 in the new X Server 1.7". I suppose this would be the first step in letting desktop Linux act like the iPhone UI.

Greg DeKoenigsberg says[15]: "If you live in the United States, go find your two senators and tell them that you support the Open College Textbook Act of 2009."

Tom Callaway was interviewed[16] about "some of the intricacies of licensing and ensuring that a software package included in Fedora and Red Hat is actually verified to be open source." (Video)