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Planet Fedora

In this section, we cover the highlights of Planet Fedora[1] - an aggregation of blogs from Fedora contributors worldwide.

Contributing Writer: Adam Batkin


Richard W.M. Jones described[1] a "Poor man's P2V":

"What happens when you have an old server sitting in the corner — the hardware is flaky and you need to set up a virtual equivalent ASAP, but no one can remember how that old server is configured? People will sell you very expensive software to solve this problem for you. But if you have some time and patience you can do P2V conversions by hand for free, and it’s not too hard. Here’s how."

Rahul Sundaram found[2] that the recent major changes to Thunderbird's user interface (that had suddenly appeared after a routine Fedora 11 update) have been fixed/reverted.

Michael DeHaan tried to define[3] all of the possible meanings of the word "Cloud".

Seth Vidal wondered[4] about the growth of Fedora (for example, number of packages and size of Yum repository metadata) and how to sustain future growth.

Jose M Manimala introduced[5] Entente, a web services framework for Python "which requires minimal configuration and can be deployed based on Generated classes or user defined classes."

Máirín Duffy demoed[6] a new GTK font selector dialog box that may drastically improve usability. Máirín also posted[7] the complete part list, with photos (including the giant carrying case).

James Antill addressed[8] some of the issues affecting the installation of multiple versions of a single (RPM) package on a system, and how Python 3 in particular can be handled.

Martin Sourada looked[9] at how lighting affects the Echo Icon Theme. "So, I wonder what do you folks reading the Fedora (Design) Planet think? It's still not too late to adjust the guidelines for Echo Perspective..."