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Planet Fedora

In this section, we cover the highlights of Planet Fedora - an aggregation of blogs from Fedora contributors worldwide.

Contributing Writer: Adam Batkin


Dave Jones answers[1] some frequently asked questions and common misconceptions regarding Virtual Memory in Linux


Tom Tromey concluded[2,3,4] his excellent series on scripting and extending GDB with Python, including some PyGTK widgetry inside GDB




Michael DeHaan contemplates the complexity of software projects and how to encourage new people to get involved and contribute. "Projects that have a lot of complex interrelationships and need a lot of experience with the codebase (that is acquired over a long period of time) are less apt to attract casual contributions"[5]


Jesse Keating announced[6] a new Fedora Hosted project, Offtrac: "Offtrac is my attempt at creating a python library for interacting with trac via xmlrpc." The project can already perform a number of tasks including querying, retrieving and creating tickets and milestones.


Kulbir Saini presented[7] some ideas for hacking a Linux install to make it boot faster


Luis Villa offered[8] a followup regarding some comments that he had made criticizing's user interface and praising Office 2007


Máirín Duffy put together[9] an impressive Lightscribe label template for Fedora


Greg DeKoenigsberg introduced[10] the XO Exchange Registry that "connects people who have XOs and don't need them with people who need XOs and don't have them."


Tom Callaway ranted[11] (don't worry, those are his own words) about FOSS licensing. He notes that there are no clear standards for what defines a "Free" distribution, as there are often cases where truly difficult questions arise, but adds "This is why for Fedora, the goal of being 100% Free isn't something that we're losing sleep over. Sure, we'd like to be 100% Free, and we're working towards that every day, but actually being 100% Free is HARD, especially if you want more than 700 MB of packages"


John Poelstra discussed[12] the "Benefits of Detailed Schedules" after last week's approval of the Fedora 11 schedule


Till Maas announced[13] "some webpages that cache bugzilla queries of package review requests". So if anyone out there would like to jump in and help review some packages, please do so! (there were 719 packages in the NEW state when Till's post went up and already 725 by the time this sentence was written)


Luke Macken decided to share[14] a small python program that determines "the amount of time Fedora updates spend in testing within bodhi". Click in to see the results


Matthew Garrett apparently spent a bit of time traveling, and during that time analyzed[15] a number of showers, as a metaphor for UI design in software


Luke Macken committed a Python API for interacting with the Fedora Wiki and shows off[16] some of its statistical gathering abilities



Folks are still posting[17,18,19] photos and writeups of their experience at FOSS.IN. It really sounds like an amazing time was had by all.




Thomas Canniot wrote[20] about a successful Fedora Install Fest in Paris